New 12-inch iPad Pro could be launching in March, despite manufacturing slow down

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Apple plans to launch its next refresh of the iPad Pro lineup in March, as is customary, but with manufacturing hit by the coronavirus outbreak, it’s likely that they’ll be in low supply to begin with.The news comes from a report which states the devices won’t hit their peak shipping volume until after April; at least a month after the products get unveiled by Apple.iPad Pro – of course – is Apple’s most powerful tablet range, and the one that comes closest to being a replacement for ‘proper’ computers.With Type-C support, powerful internals, and additional versatility of using a Pencil and smart keyboard, there’s little that can’t be done on the touchscreen devices. Which begs the question: what’s going to be updated on the next series?So far, we’ve read reports claiming that the tablets will feature a similar triple camera system to the iPhone 11 Pro series, completely revamping the performance for improved photography and video.With March being the traditional time for Apple to launch new iPads, it makes sense for the company to do so again in 2020.In 2019, Apple launched the updated iPad Air and a new iPad mini, while the previous year it was the new entry-level iPad with Apple Pencil support.For this year, the manufacturer is also planning to launch the new, updated iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone 9) alongside the new iPad Pro.Of course, with Apple being its usual tight-lipped self, we won’t hear any official confirmation of any of this until the company itself announces it onstage.

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