New Snapchat lenses created to encourage social distancing and other coronavirus measures

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Snap has reportedly worked with the World Health Organization to create new Snapchat lenses to help encourage social distancing and good practices during the coronavirus crisis.One has the WHO-approved tips overlaid onto the user’s image, informing users to not touch their face, cover all coughs with the crook of an arm, and stay at home.How Snapchat’s new Here For You mental health tool worksAnother, called “My Social Distance” simply places an AR representation on the group of the minimum distance users should be from each other. If you use it while walking around, you will be able to see when others are too close.Snap Inc announced other COVID-19 measures recently to help Snapchat users, including the sharing of correct rather than fake information: “We launched creative tools to help Snapchatters share expert-approved best practices with their friends and family members, including a worldwide filter with advice to our community on how to stay safe. This information is sourced from the World Health Organization, and links to its website for more info,” it said in a blog posting.”We offer trusted content. Our content platform, Discover, is curated and we work closely with only a select set of partners, including some of the most trusted news organizations around the world.”

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