Now you can order flowers for Christmas with your Amazon Echo

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Here’s a handy new service that’s arrived just in time for Christmas. If you have an Amazon Echo device such as an Echo Dot or Echo Show 5 then you can now use a simple voice command to get it to send flowers for you.

That’s because Interflora has launched a new Amazon Alexa skill allowing customers to order and pay for flowers using their voice. To use the skill, simply ask Alexa to “Open Interflora”, place your order, check out with Amazon Pay and send the flowers all through voice interaction.

The new skill is available on all Alexa-enabled devices so you can order flowers on the go or while at home. Once you’ve selected your flowers you can have them delivered the same day, next day or on any date in the future.

If you need inspiration, the Interflora voice assistant will recommend flowers based on the occasion or season, while if you know what you want to send, simply state your preferences on colours or types of flowers and add your own custom message using voice recognition. If you’re using a screen device such as the Echo Show, the products will be available to view on screen. 

Saying “Alexa, open Interflora” launches the skill with Interflora’s voice assistant guiding you through the purchase process. Alternatively, you can direct Alexa to “Ask Interflora to order flowers” or “Ask Interflora for tips and advice”.

The Alexa skill is available from Thursday 12 December on all enabled devices, just say, “Alexa, open Interflora” to get started. Find out how to enable the skill and more at

And if you don’t yet own an Amazon Echo device, then this service is yet another reason to buy one (or to buy one for someone else so they can use it to send you flowers). The best prices for a range of Echo devices are shown below.

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