One of our readers spent two months with the Roborock S6 Robot vacuum, and this is what she found

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Roborock’s robot vacuum cleaners have hardly taken any time at all to secure themselves a spot at the top table, with a really strong reputation for thorough cleaning and superb navigation.They’re the sort of product that really lets you forget about a chore that you might normally have to do regularly yourself. We love gadgets that buy you back time, and we were really pleased to be able to run a competition near the end of last year for one of our readers to win a Roborock S6 vacuum, to share the love.Well, Beth Meyer in the US was the winner of that sweepstake on Facebook, and we’ve just checked in with her again after a few months of living with the robot vacuum, to see how she’s been getting on with it. It’s fair to say that she’s pretty pleased with it, and we’ve divided her feedback into a few sections so that you can get a sense for what a reader like you has found about the device.1. Getting the time backAs we mentioned above, one of the best things about having a robot vacuum is the most obvious – you don’t have to vacuum. Once you set up the Roborock S6, that particular chore is simply a thing of the past. As Beth says, “My favorite part about it is you set it and leave, come back home to a clean house.”You can set up routines to make sure that it cleans when you’re out, or even does it at night while you sleep, but if you were normally having to do some cleaning during the day, that’s time you have back to do something more rewarding or important.Beth’s got even more positive things to say, though. She says that emptying the S6’s bin and making sure it’s ready for a full run only ever takes her “literally 1-2 minutes”, and it means that every day “my house is clean before my husband ever gets home from work” In fact, her family has become so used to the helpful little robot that Beth’s two-year-old son even says “Thank you robot” when it docks itself automatically after a clean.Roborock2. It’s perfect for hard floors and carpetsBeth’s house has a mixture of high-end laminated floors throughout much of its area, but with carpeted floors in the bedrooms. She’s reported back that the S6 has done a brilliant job of catering to both needs. As she says, the S6 “switches from the hard floors to the carpet no problem, and it is smart and knows to not fall down off of our step into our dining area.”The S6’s sensors mean that it can detect when it moves onto a carpeted area and adjust the suction accordingly to make sure that it’s cleaning at maximum efficiency. Meanwhile, these sensors also help it to avoid obstructions and hazards like the step that Beth has by her dining room.3. It’s great for a family homeAs you may have picked up, Beth has a family home for the Roborock S6 to clean, making it a great test environment for the vacuum. Over to her: “With five kids ranging in age from two to 15, and two adults, there was always crumbs, hair &just ‘stuff’ everyday on the floor. We would sweep and sweep and sweep, and still would see hair and little stuff, it was driving me crazy.Well, not anymore!”Having the S6 around to do this sweeping without any effort has paid dividends for the family’s unity, according to Beth – her kids no longer have to do a dirty chore, and she no longer has to do that chore a second time when they don’t manage to get all the dust and detritus in one go. As she concludes, “I have not swept once since I got this!”Roborock4. It’s quiet and quickIf you’ve never had a robot vacuum, though, you might be a little hesitant to pick one up, perhaps because you’re worried that it will be a loud annoyance around your home. In the case of the S6, though, Beth’s found that the opposite of the case. Now, she says:”I swear, I couldn’t live without it after being spoiled with it for the last few months!” More to the point, “it’s quiet, modern looking, and I love how it goes in straight lines throughout the rooms so as to not miss anything, rather than just randomly running around everywhere.It is small enough to fit under furniture so the carpets under our dresser, bed and armoire are getting vacuumed multiple times a week now instead of never!”These points are all illustrative of the care that’s gone into the vacuum’s design. It’s carefully built to minimise noise while it operates, while its automatic mapping of your home ensures that it can work out the most efficient route to use as it cleans, and being able to slip under furniture is just an added bonus.In short, there are countless reasons to pick up a Roborock S6, but none bigger than the fact that real users like Beth are finding it such a revelation – and,there’s no time like the present to pick one up.

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