Oppo teases its square-faced smartwatch

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Brian Shen, Oppo’s vice president, has shown off an official teaser render of its upcoming smartwatch. The company’s motto seemingly: it’s hip to be square.The render shows a wrist device which is very familiar looking, featuring a mostly square design with rounded edges and corners.The post – originally shared on Weibo – roughly translates to “with a flexible screen and curved design, this may be the smartest watch this year”.Unlike Apple Watch, it features what appear to be two clickable buttons on the side, and no digital crown.We heard a while ago that Oppo was going to be launching a smartwatch at some point in the near future, and this latest teaser confirms as much.It’s been rumoured since then that the watch may even feature advanced sensors, offering ECG capabilities, just like the Series 5 Apple Watch and the most recently announced Withings hybrids.With most modern non-Apple watches being circle, it’s interesting to see Oppo buck that trend. It’s not alone in doing so either, Xiaomi has also released a very similar device.It’ll be interesting to see what software is running on the wrist gadget. Logic would suggest Wear OS, but with the trend for tech manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei using their own in-house user interface on their watches, maybe Oppo has done the same?Given the timing of the leak we suspect the watch will break cover officially soon. Possibly during Mobile World Congress 2020 in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

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