Osram, the world-leading lighting manufacturer, jumps into the smartbulb game

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The world-leading light bulb manufacturer Osram is releasing a range of connected light bulbs, could this be the start of a lighting revolution as another heavyweight wades into the sector?

The company has around 100 years of experience, they produce both consumer products and professional installations (such at the Eurovision backdrop), so when they decide to bring out a range of connected bulbs, it certainly shows the changing times.

The new Lightify system from Osram, just like most smartbulbs, is fully controllable via a smartphone app, with the option to turn them on or off, offering 16 million different colour variations.

This is nothing new in the smartbulb business — but what sets the system apart is the large selection available. At launch, there will be screw fittings, GU10 fittings, downlights, flexible LED strips, surface lights and garden mini spots.

Using the company’s previous experience gives them a big advantage, allowing a wider range of homeowners to access the technology.

We’re told the company also has a few interesting things in the pipeline, including candle shaped bulbs for chandeliers, the classic bayonet fitting, and an interesting magnetic, physical switch which is programmable viaan app.

The application, available now on iOS and Android, is nicely designed and fairly standard for a connected bulb system. It allows you to group several lights together, and includes presets for medically proven hues — with a relax setting, active setting and even a setting for greenhouses.

These setting can be scheduled, so the active colour can wake you up in the morning, and relax can send you to bed in the evening.

Osram will also release an API to allow developers to work with the range, and the products will also be a part of the Works With Nest program.

“Lightify lets consumers exploit the wide-ranging possibilities of light, in a simple and easy way, promoting feelings of safety and security, overall wellbeing and of course the opportunity to have lots of fun,” says Timon Rupp, CEO Lightify Innoventure Group.

The products will be available online and from Tesco stores this summer, and priced from £29.99.

What do T3 readers think of smart light bulbs in general? Are they here to stay, or a flash-in-the-pan gimmick?

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