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portable alarm clock

Portable alarm clocks are very suitable for traveling with you. With them, you can easily take them out.

The ant is small, but it has all five internal organs. The small alarm clock has multiple functions to meet your different needs.

World time travel alarm clock

This alarm clock is a lightweight pocket flashlight with a world time clock and 18 time zones.
And its flashlight contains 3 bright LEDs with a blue backlight display.

It comes with 16 wake-up ringtones for you to switch at will. It also carries a perpetual calendar with a complete month view and date to provide you with complete time information.

world time travel alarm clock

Reacher mini battery operated alarm clock

The size of the portable small battery alarm clock is 4.1 * 2.4 * 1.4 inches, which can be carried with you in a crowded bedroom table, desk, office, hotel or handbag for travel. Powered by 2 AAA batteries.

Its operation is very simple, with extremely simple basic alarm settings with 12/24H options.
Clear display light-The mini travel clock has a clear LCD display and a convenient 5-second on-demand light, which can be used for night viewing.

Use snooze to raise awake alarms-a four-step “buzzer” alarm and a 5-minute snooze interval will ensure you get up on time. Display on/off function-turn off the display when not in use to save battery power. When turned off, the internal time will be retained and the alarm will still be turned off.

reacher mini battery operated alarm clock

Digital vibration timer alarm clock

It has a 360° full field of view, a clear large digital LCD display, and you can easily read the time anytime, anywhere. There is also a vibration function, but without disturbing others, just wake up yourself.

It can be turned off with one key, and one of the buttons on the back can stop the alarm, which is easy to operate. Meet your daily life needs, convenient. In addition, it also adds 3 working hours to provide you with more choices.
Multi-function timer, you can count up and down; three ringtones for you to choose, switch at will.

digital vibration timer alarm clock

Howard miller photo traveler alarm clock

Howard Miller 645-571 Photo Traveler timepiece may be a slim folding travel timepiece with a photograph holder. Black and brushed silver finish. The LCD displays the month, day, and time during a 12- or 24-hour format.

Dual time format, snooze alarm, and display light at slightly . Quartz, alarm movement includes the “AAA” battery.

photo traveler alarm clock

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