Pressure Sensor Alarm Clock

pressure sensor alarm clock

The bed pressure sensor alarm clock stops only when you leave the bed and rings again when you return.How many times have you wanted that productive morning grind, but was thwarted by the daily struggle of Snooze Abuse?Studies show that constantly throwing yourself in and out of your sleep cycle will lead to waking up even groggier and more disoriented.The snooze button is right THERE.What can an extra 10 or 45 minutes hurt? Trust me.months of your life have already gone down the drain because of it.

Brand New Beginnings

lf you’ve got never been a morning person.imagine the possibilies once you’re awakening a bit like the foremost successful people on earth.

Make Today Your timepiece

Early morning workout? Finish that book? Study for that test? Get to the office before your boss? All of those things are often achieved just by divorcing your snooze button!

You’re Not Getting Any Younger

lt sad but true.Every minute that’s wasted to Snooze Abuse, is another minute of your life that has not been put towards bettering yourself.

Easy Setup

All you’ve got to try to to is add the batteries/plug it in.slide it under your mattress. calibrate it to the bed’s and your weight.set your aily alarm schedule.and your able to start your day on your own terms.

Useing Method

This is a key feature of the BedBud Alarm. I wanted to make sure that one could not return to bed after he/she arose from the bed. The sensors will remain active for a period of time of your choosing. This is done through the phone application.I have never found an alarm clock that did not have a snooze button. I decided that the best way to kick the habit was to completely take it out of the equation.Simply calibrate the BedBud Alarm to the weight of the bed and then to your own weight.As to not eject everyone from the bed. You can utilize only one sensor to cover your side of the bed while your partner sleeps on.

Do you want to sleep in on Saturday? No problem! Your daily alarm schedule is fully customizable.Our phones are a terrible distraction and can negatively affect when or how you snooze off into sleep. Therefore, after calibration and setting your alarm schedule, you can chunk your phone into the other room.Simply install 2 AAA batteries and plug in the power supply. Then place the sensor(s) under the mattress about where your torso will be, and you’re ready to start kicking the Snooze Abuse out the door.

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