AXGL Dumbbell Alarm Clock


  • After the alarm is successfully set, you must raise the dumbbell alarm clock up and down when the alarm time is up. You must stop the alarm clock 30 times to stop the alarm.
  • For those lazy worms who immediately hear the alarm, they are rushing into a comfortable bed or closing their eyes. Press the alarm clock. The weightlifting alarm clock is a good stuff that can make it awake and keep fit. what.
  • The real weight is 0.6KG, carrying the concept of health and the concept of lazy people. The shape is unique, there is cold light at night, and the four colors are easy to match with the interior decoration.
  • Once again, the number will be counted down from 30 30 29 28 . . . 0 The alarm will stop if it stops. A girl who is weaker can change hands 15 times, not halfway.
  • Perfect works and creativity and fashion, there are few and few works. The important thing is to give your life unlimited fun and happiness and make life more comfortable.


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