Quality iPad Pro 2020 renders show iPhone 11 Pro-like triple camera system

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A set of leaked renders shows what the next generation iPad Pro family could look like, including the camera on the back which bears a striking resemblance to the iPhone 11 Pro.We suspect this triple camera would enable the versatility offered by the iPhones: giving you three distinct focal lengths for wide, ultra-wide and optical zoom effects with easy switching.Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the triple camera has been suggested. In fact, way back in August 2019, the first whispers of such a system being built into the iPad Pro were heard.@OnLeaks/iGeeksBlogWhat’s different this time is the quality of the renders on show. As digital images go, @OnLeaks has a very solid record of producing accurate 3D pictures of devices long before they’re officially announced.This particular set of images was published by iGeeksBlog in conjunction with @OnLeaks.Like the iPhone 11 Pro, the cameras are arranged in a triangle, with the LED flash above the single camera on the right, and a microphone beneath it.According to the renders, we should expect to seem this same camera unit on both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models.Apart from that, there’s very little difference between these and the current iPad Pro models.@OnLeaks/iGeeksBlogWe still have the uniform slim bezel all the way around the display, the smart connector for keyboard attachments and the flat edges and rounded corners first introduced to the iPad in 2018.Other rumours suggest we’re also going to see better depth detection from the front facing cameras, as well as a bigger focus on AR.Speculation from an industry analyst also suggests we’re maybe going to see a Mini-LED screen in the new iPad Pro.It’s also extremely likely – if not already guaranteed – that the iPad will come with a more powerful processor than the previous model.The iPad Pro refresh is expected to be announced sometime in spring 2020, with a retail launch very soon after.

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