Quiet Alarm Clock-Tick Clock

quiet alarm clock-tick clock

Considering that the very function of an alarm clock is to awaken an individual from their sleep, the concept of a quiet timepiece may initially appear to be an oxymoron. Nonetheless, the category of quiet alarm clocks are getting increasingly popular as these handy devices both produce no noise before sounding the alarm and have variety of innovative ways to awaken an individual without disturbing people sleeping nearby.

Some quiet alarm clocks are full-size, designed for everyday use in your home while others are smaller and more compact to serve the requirements of travelers who got to have a reliable thanks to awaken when on the road.

Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

The rising sun has always been the simplest alarm for natural awakening since the start of your time and therefore the Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock strives to simulate that more natural action . The slow brightening of this timepiece is carefully synchronized to awaken you quietly or to feature soft tones to bring heavier sleeps around. This clock also includes noise to mask sounds which may awaken you within the night and wave sounds to lull you asleep also .

Full light therapy options are included with this unit including various light types for sleeping and awakening and fully programmable sunrise which slowly increases light for from 15 to 90 minutes. Sounds for falling asleep and awakening are included with this clock also as a noise sound to mask sounds which may awaken you during the night. Allows radio tuning also as built-in sound functions. This unit also includes a 1 year warranty.

You desire a complete sleep therapy unit and aren’t worried about the value. Those on a budget… just keep moving, nothing to ascertain here.

wake-up light alarm clock

Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock

Available in four different stylish colors, the Shake N’ Wake may be a truly unique solution to awakening one sleeper without disturbing others nearby. This small “watch-style” clock comes with a band which will be worn round the wrist or placed underneath a pillow. Ideal for people with hearing issues or sleepers who need a reliable method of discretely awakening within the morning, the Shake N’ Wake are often set to activate a vibrating alarm that lightly rouses you from sleep or a typical audible alarm. With a soothing blue LED display and easy-to-use functionality, the Shake N’ Wake is powered by 1 AAA battery (not included). The Shake N’ Wake also comes with an hourly chime which will be de-activated for a silent and restful night’s sleep.

silent vibrating personal alarm clock

Marathon Travel Alarm Clock

The design provides a rather angled tilt to extend visibility along side a sharper display; however, viewing the display at a height less than its placement is blurry to the attention .

Noise levels hit the spot, adding a check to your list of quiet alarm clocks. beginning with two beeps and followed by a rapid beep, Marathon offers a more gradual, gentle thanks to wake you up.

An ergonomic aspect of the Marathon CL030023BK is its stop/light/snooze button. A round silver concave button sits in prominence of this clock’s design, allowing accessibility once you wake and sleep to a high extent.

Some additional, interesting features include indoor temperature reading, calendar date, and therefore the option of reading the punch in 5 different languages. It’s definitely great for private use and even more as a travel alarm considering its compact design.

marathon travel alarm clock

Classic Silent Sweep Alarm Clock

A few features of high note are its non-slip feature allowing less accident-prone drops that would cause the clock to malfunction. Its auto night light feature may be a unique quality also .

Being able to sense the dimness of the space to regulate night light levels is an innovative concept Marathon offers.

The smooth sweep-second aspect of the Marathon CL030053SV, clearly visible on the merchandise label, holds faithful its word. You won’t hear any ticking noises and with quiet at the highest of your list, this elegant & quiet device delivers.

classic silent sweep alarm clock

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