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Stylepie Fun Fun Clock

Think the traditional alarm clock lacks new ideas? You can learn about this Stylepie Fun Fun Clock. The shape is like a jelly. The electronic display can support a 24-hour clock without repeating the alarm. Smart snooze, only need to push the jelly to achieve. Get up to exercise just cover it up and stop the alarm right away.

Stylepie Fun Fun Clock

Stylepie is striving to provide people with creative and smart products for a better life. Fun Fun Clock is a smart alarm clock which detects current humidity and temperature. Applying a gravity sensor technology, you easily swing to view different display contents, and control alarm to delay and stop. With energy-saving background lighting design, you can clearly check clock contents at night. In addition, three fashionable and cute colors are available to meet your personal favorite.

Multi-Display Contents

The default display is time. You can easily swing left-hand-side to change the displays from time (12/24H) to date, humidity (%), temperature (°C/°F) and time again. Swing right-hand-side to inverted display order. In addition, the low-power status indication can remind you of changing a new battery and avoiding the unexpected case.

Snooze Alarm 

When the alarm clock rings, swing the clock to enter snooze state for 5 mins then it will ring again. If no action is taken, it will ring for 2 mins from low to loud then enter the snooze state for next 5 mins. Above cycles both repeats for 30 mins. During the cycle, you can erect the clock to turn it off.

Easy to Set Up

You can press ‘SET’ button for 2 seconds to set up the alarm time /date/time. Besides, short press ‘+’ directly in the non-setting state to switch 12/24-hour system; short press ‘-‘ directly to switch temperature (°C/°F).

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