Ring Door View Cam brings smart home security with no drilling required

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Amazon-owned smart security firm Ring has just unveiled its latest video doorbell – its fifth – which is designed to slip into the existing peephole in your door. 

Unlike other products in the Ring portfolio, the Ring Door View Cam will specifically appeal to people in rented properties. It ships with everything you need to quickly pry-out an existing  peephole and replace it with the camera.

As you’d expect from Ring, the new Door View Cam boasts 1080p HD video, motion detection to kickstart the video, two-way talk, a removable rechargeable battery, knock detection, and night vision. 

Ring has also added the ability to set your own Privacy Zones within the companion iOS or Android app which black-out areas where the camera is unable to see. These appear as large black squares when reviewing footage or answering the door in the app. Perfect if you’re flat door is in close proximity to your neighbour.

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With the Ring Door View Cam installed, the smart camera can still be used as a peephole. And there’s even a small cover for added privacy, too.

And as you’d expect from a company owned by Amazon, the Ring Door View Cam is compatible with the Alexa voice assistant, so your Echo will alert you whenever someone knocks on the door to rings the bell. 

You can also ask to view a live HD feed from the Door View Cam at any time by saying “Alexa, show me my front door”.

Ring founder Jamie Siminoff said: “As we continue on our mission of reducing crime in neighbourhoods, we want everyone with a front door to have the ability to protect their property and prevent crime from taking place.

“We’ve heard from countless customers over the years who want to secure their front door with a Ring Doorbell but are not able to install one of our existing doorbells. With the addition of Door View Cam, we are unlocking peace of mind for every customer.”

Ring Door View Cam is available to buy Amazon UK now for £179.

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