Samsung wants in on your bedtime antics

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Not content withtaking over your household,Samsung quite literally wants to get under you in bed, with its new SleepSense tech.

The lifestyle-y, personal healthcare device unveiled at IFA 2015 is a small sensor that fits under your mattress and when paired with a smartphone is supposed to improve the quality of your sleep.

How it does this is by taking a series of readings that calculate total sleep time, sleep efficiency, the time it takes to fall to sleep, number of times you wake up during the night, number of times you get up, deep sleep time and REM sleep time. Once all that data is collected it tots everything up and gives you a sleep score.

After every night in the land of nod if gives you a personalised sleep briefing and presents you with handy tips on how to improve to a level that closes in on the magic seven-to-eight hour barrier.

The sensor is a particular boon to households that have already taken the Samsung smart home in their stride as it can interact with other SmartThings appliances. Samsung suggests uses such as turning on the heating, lights and even the kettle – like a 21st century teasmaid – when SleepSense detects you’ve woken up. It can also sing you to sleep with slowing diminishing-in-volume music from compatible speakers.

In the morning, a smart alarm clock you slowly and gently when SmartSense detects you’re in a ‘light’ part of your sleep cycle. The only thing it’s without is a price and release date, and the only snag is that Withings did this over a year ago.

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