Save £105 with this Google Home Mini and Philips Hue Starter Kit deal

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During the Black Friday deals event last year Currys had an excellent deal on a bundle of a Philips Hue Starter Kit and a Google Home Mini. Well now, almost three months ahead of Black Friday 2019, that deal is BACK.

The electrical retailer is once again offering the excellent Google Home Mini smart speaker and AI assistant, along with the equally brilliant Philips Hue E27 Smart Bulb Starter Kit, for less than half price. That’s a bundle of two of the very best products in the 2019 smart home market for under half their normal price point.

The Philips Hue bulbs can be adjusted to show millions of different colours and thousands of shades of white – all controllable by a smart assistant such as the Google Home Mini in this deal. You can also set the lights to follow schedules, such as synchronising with the sunrise or sunset, or turning on and off automatically as you arrive at or leave home.

As well as being able to control your smart home devices with the Google Home Mini you can use the smart speaker to do stream music and listen to the news and weather reports. Just say “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google” and tell it what you want it to do. And with the Hue bulbs a simple “Hey, Google, make my living room orange” is all you need to do to change the lighting colour from the comfort of your couch.

Note that we do not know when this deal ends so you might want to be quick.

Check out the full details of the deal below:

Google Home Mini & Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Mini Smart Bulb E27 Starter Kit Bundle  | £79.99 (was £184.99)
Now this is a great deal from Currys PCWorld. That’s because you can currently pick up the excellent Google Home Mini smart speaker and AI assistant, along with the top-rated Hue Smart Bulb E27 (screw-in) Starter Kit, for under half price. That means the bundle is yours for a crazy low £79.99, instead of the pre-deal price of £184.99, which is a direct saving of £105.View Deal

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