Sonos will no longer use Recycle Mode to brick your older devices

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Sonos is officially ditching the controversial Recycle Mode after having quietly removed it from its app in late February. This mode was required if you wanted to use the company’s trade-up program and get a deal. It bricked legacy devices in exchange for a discount on newer Sonos gear.Recycle Mode kicked off a 21-day countdown that ended with the device no longer working. Sonos invented the mode to ensure data would be erased on recycled products. But it emphasised customers could always refuse the discount and not be subjected to Recycle Mode.While Sonos’ trade-up program is still available, and those who own older Sonos products can still get a 30 per cent discount on their eligible devices, it’s no longer a requirement that your legacy kit be rendered inoperable by Recycle Mode in order for you to receive the discount.After removing Recycle Mode, Sonos began telling customers to call customer service if they want the trade-up discount. Now, Sonos is making clear that you canmaintain full control of your older Sonos products when “trading up”.You just need to show you own an eligible product by validating its serial number, and then you can apply the discount to anything Sonos is selling on its store. In other words, you can continue using your legacy hardware. If you have aging Sonos speakers and want the “trade up” discount, you can keep and use your products, or you can give them away or send them to Sonos to recycle.Sonos plans to update its website with these details about its trade-up program, and you will no longer have to call customer service.Keep in mind this development is separate from the May cut-off – when Sonos plans to stop releasing software feature updates for legacy devices.

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