Sony alarm clock VS RCA alarm clock

Sony alarm clock VS RCA alarm clock

Today, let’s talk Sony alarm clock and RCA alarm clock which brand is better. As everyone knows, RCA is an old brand and has certain authority, but the internal structure of its alarm clock is just general, and it is a bit inferior compared to Sony alarm clocks.

RCA alarm clock

RCA Digital Alarm Clock
  • 0.7 inch LED display
  • Single alarm with alarm indicator
  • Large full width snooze button
  • Night light with separate on/off button
  • No worry battery backup

Sony alarm clock

Sony ICFC-1 Alarm Clock
  • Wake to radio, buzzer, or gradual wake alarm
  • FM/AM radio with 10-station presets
  • Adjustable brightness control and Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment
  • Fall asleep to the radio via the programmable sleep timer
  • 100 mW power output and Stay powered up with an included back-up battery

I believe that after reading the comparison of the functions introduced above, everyone has an answer in mind.

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