Sprint's WatchMeGo watch helps parents track and talk to kids

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US network Sprint is launching a kid’s smartwatch, calledWatchMeGo.The device features communication capabilities like voice messages and texting, as well as built-in GPS tracking so parents can monitor their child’s location in real time using the WatchMeGo app. It even has an SOS button that can alert a parent’s phone. Parents can also automatically get alerts when their child enters or exits a designated area such as a playground while wearing the watch.Sprint also highlighted the watch’s ruggedness and durability, including its water resistance, “highly rugged Gorilla Glass watch face,” and a 400mAh battery capacity. “WatchMeGo is the perfect solution for parents with little ones who aren’t yet ready for their first phone,” said Doug Smith, Sprint’s vice president of product innovation and product marketing, in a press release.SprintSprint’s WatchMeGo watch includes an entertainment app, called Kidomi, which is designed to serve up educational activities and games that are first approved by parents. The app’s description says it’s bestfor children ages four to 13.If any of this interests you, the WatchMeGo costs $144, or you can pay $6 a month over 24 months to Sprint. Customers must also pay a $10-a-month fee to get access to the device’s tracking and communication features.It’s set to launch from 14 February.

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