Star Wars: Like everyone else, Amazon Alexa wants to talk to you about the Star Wars films

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Today is Star Wars Day, as it is the 4th of May, the date of Jabba the Hutt’s birth, in the original trilogy. To celebrate, we’re all talking about our favourite space decology or decalogue (that’s a film series with 10 films in it, as you know). 

Now Alexa is joining in the fun. She is fully armed and operational, with a dozen Jedi-related easter eggs hidden in her brain, which we are now going to reveal to you so they aren’t hidden any longer.

Every time we meet members of the Amazon devices team, they assure us that people LOVE hearing Alexa say quirky things, and the number of Echo Easter Eggs – both date/context-specific ones and just random stuff – is now a very large number indeed. Our favourite was when a loud noise prompted her to say something like “My word, what a rumpus”. Mysteriously, this is something she has never said again, no matter how many times we make loud noises near her. 

We also love it when she responds to random phrases off the TV, then witters away to herself like an elderly relative while we shout, “Alexa stop! We’re trying to watch the bloody Night Manager here, if you don’t mind!”

Now she’s getting in on the Star Wars fun, for Star Wars Day. For instance you can ask for a Star Wars joke. We tried this and she said, “Why can’t you eat a Wookie? Because they’re too Chewie.”

Once we had returned from the hospital after having our sides sewn back together again, we wondered if there might be even more hidden, top secret Alexa Easter Eggs for this most special of days. Luckily, Amazon then sent us this list of them.

Just ask Alexa the following, and she will respond, using her Jedi powers. 

• Alexa, who is the best Jedi? 

• Alexa, can you talk like Yoda?

• Alexa, do you like Star Wars?

• Alexa, aren’t you a little tall for a storm trooper?

• Alexa, what’s the Jedi code? 

• Alexa, I am your father

• Alexa, there is no try

• Alexa, tell me a Princess Leia quote

• Alexa, May the Force be with you

• Alexa, May the fourth be with you

• Alexa, when is Star Wars Day? 

• Alexa, what order should I watch Star Wars in?

• Alexa, who is Luke Skywalker’s father?

• Alexa, tell me a Star Wars joke

• Alexa, tell me a Star Wars quote 

Now go and try them all out. And, in the words of Obi-wan Kenobi, “Live long and prosper.”

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