Stock up, these are the Philips Hue bulb deals you’ve been waiting for

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We’re big fans of Philips Hue smart lights here at T3. In fact, we think that Philips makes the best smart bulbs there are. We also think the bulbs are a little on the expensive side, coming in with an RRP of £49.99 a bulb.

We often see the Philips Hue Starter Kits getting a price cut (like this excellent deal at Currys) but it’s not so often that we see the individual bulbs get reduced – and for anyone who already has a Hue Bridge that can be annoying.

We can usually be pretty sure that the Black Friday deals will bring discounts on Hue bulbs but we weren’t expecting to find them discounted much between now and then. But it seems Black Friday has arrived early, because the Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience bulbs, in both E27 (screw in) and B22 (bayonet) fittings have had a price crash.

The White and Colour Ambience are the best bulbs as they offer 50,000 shades of warm to cool white light and over 16 million colours so there really is a shade or colour for every mood.

In terms of pricing, we’re looking at a new price of just £37.85 per single E27 bulb and £38.00 for a B22 bulb saving you 24% off the full price. However, Amazon also sells twin packs and triple packs of the same bulbs so buying a single bulb might not be your best option. I’ve busted out the calculator and done the sums for you so you can see which of the below deals is best for you.

One note: I have no idea how long any of these deals are going to run for – so you might want to hurry if you want to get some cheap Hue bulbs before they inevitably go back up in price.

Philips Hue White & Colour B22 bulb | RRP: £49.99 | Price: £38.00 | Save: £11.99 (24%)
The last time this single B22 bulb dropped to a price this low was May 2018 and we think it’s unlikely to come down again until Black Friday at the end of November 2019.View Deal

Philips Hue White & Colour E27 bulb | RRP: £49.99 | Price: £37.85 | Save: £12.14 (24%)
A single screw-in white and colour bulb for just £37.85 is a great price when you consider that the lowest this bulb has ever been is £34.99 and that was way back in January 2018.View Deal

2 x Philips Hue White & Colour B22 | RRP: £84.99 | Price: £77.52 | Save £7.47 (9%)
Price per bulb: £38.76. Buying a twin pack instead of a single bulb will cost you an extra 76 pence, or 38 pence per bulb, so you’re better off buying two single bulbs. Every penny counts!View Deal

2 x Philips Hue White & Colour E27 | RRP: £84.99 | Price: £65.95 | Save: £19.04 (22%)
Price per bulb: £32.98. While a twin pack of B22 bulbs is marginally worse value than a single bulb, this twin pack of E27 bulbs is BETTER value, saving you £4.87 over buying two single bulb packs. So if you want two E27 bulbs, then this is the deal for you.View Deal

3 x Philips Hue bulbs B22 | Bundle Price: £115.53
Price per bulb: £38.51. If you want three B22 bulbs you are better off buying them individually at £38 each, meaning that you will pay a total of £114 instead of £115.53 for this triple pack, saving you a total of £1.53.View Deal

3 x Philips Hue bulbs E27 | Bundle Price: £107.89
Price per bulb: £35.96. If you want three E27 bulbs then buying this triple pack is better value than buying three single bulbs – you’ll save £5.66 by buying the triple pack. However, the BEST price for three E27 White & Colour bulbs is to buy a twin pack for £65.95 and a single bulb for £37.85, and you’ll pay a total of £103.80.View Deal

Not the Hue bulbs or packs you’re after? Check out our best Philips Hue deals roundup for more or the live prices below.

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