Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Alarm Clock for Kids

stop light alarm clock instructions

Sleep enhancing timepiece for teenagers featuring a stoplight and sculpted figure. Toddlers know if it is time to urge up by watching the stoplight Red light means it’s time to sleep; green light means it’s time to awaken . Digital clock and optional beeping alarm function included. Features a friendly boy driving a red and blue car with sports emblems.

The Stoplight Sleep Enhancing timepiece from It’s About Time may be a fun and straightforward way for toddlers to answer their own question, “Is it time to urge up?”At a young age, toddlers know their colors and understand that red means stop and green means go. Toddlers will know if it is time to urge up or stay in bed by watching the stoplight.When the red light is on, kids will understand that it’s still time to sleep. When the green light activates , kids will know that it’s time to urge out of bed.

Uses Proven Teaching Techniques

stop light alarm clock instructions

The Stoplight Clock takes advantage of teaching methods that are used as behavior therapy in classrooms for years. In fact, stoplight systems are currently utilized in schools nationwide for behavior therapy .

According to teachers, “the use of the lights makes it appear that the lights are requesting the action rather than the teacher.” This translates into an identical response for folks — wake-up time is being set by the clock, not the parent.

For children who can’t tell the time, traffic lights provide clear and straightforward to know guidelines for when to urge up. there’s alittle digital clock at rock bottom . You set the alarm time at the rear of the clock. When your child is prepared to travel to bed, press the “alarm” button on the front of the clock, which can activate a red light.

When the clock reaches the alarm time, the indicator light will change from red to green, and your child knows that he or she will get up! Since the red light is usually on, it also can be used as an evening light. there’s also an audible alarm that you simply can prefer to close up or activate .

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