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HUGMO Bunny Clock

Ring Doorbell 3 and 3 Plus announced, add dual-band Wi-Fi and coming in April

As previously leaked, Ring has announced two upgraded additions to its doorbell range in the form of the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus.Both look similar to each other and the previous generation doorbell. However, they add a couple of enhancements over the Video Doorbell 2, with the Plus model getting […]

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Peakeep Loud Melody Alarm Clock
Creative alarm clock

Alarm clock for the hearing impaired

Peakeep Loud Melody Alarm Clock Made for people with hearing impairments, the Peakeep Loud Melody shuffles through seven extra-loud melodies instead of a beep or buzzing sound (who says you have to hate the sound of your alarm buzzer?). And if you need to snooze a little longer, it will cut the music and sound […]

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Retro alarm clock

Latest mechanical page-turning alarm clock in 2020

The mechanical flip clock is a Bomba clock designed by Dutch designer Wi11 Vanden Vos. It uses very primitive principles but achieves a very modern effect. It does not display the time through the pointer or the LCD screen, but uses a display method similar to the scoreboard of sports games. And every time the […]

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Best Smart Alarm Clock In The World
Digital alarm clock

The Best Smart Alarm Clock In The World

I believe that everyone has their own “alarm clock evolution history”, ranging from traditional alarm clocks to smartphones to smart alarm clocks. And now, alarm clocks are not just about telling the time and fixed reminders … No matter whether you are dissatisfied with the current alarm clock or have higher requirements for the alarm […]

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