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Specs revealed: OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro will probably be among the fastest smartphones around

OnePlus has revealed by its usual method – a community forum post – that its next series of smartphones will be built on some of the fastest internal components around.Pete Lau, the company’s co-founder, has announced that inside these next phones you’ll find not only the ultra-fast UFS 3.0 storage and a Snapdragon 865 processor, […]

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iPad Air 2019 blank screen issues will be repaired for free

Apple has launched a new free repair program for its 2019 iPad Air models, which can suffer from what Apple’s calling a “Blank Screen Issue”, which sees the tablet’s display effectively die.Apple iPad Air (2019) review: The best balance of features and price?The issue can sometimes be preceded by a brief flicker or flash, according […]

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Samsung Under Armour Galaxy Watch Active 2 now available in UK too

First announced at the tail end of 2019, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Under Armour Edition is finally now available in the UK too.Essentially featuring the same tech as the conventional Galaxy Watch Active 2, this model is made in partnership with Under Armour. And, while it lacks LTE, it supports a Bluetooth connection […]

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Peakeep Loud Melody Alarm Clock
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Alarm clock for the hearing impaired

Peakeep Loud Melody Alarm Clock Made for people with hearing impairments, the Peakeep Loud Melody shuffles through seven extra-loud melodies instead of a beep or buzzing sound (who says you have to hate the sound of your alarm buzzer?). And if you need to snooze a little longer, it will cut the music and sound […]

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Best Smart Alarm Clock In The World
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The Best Smart Alarm Clock In The World

I believe that everyone has their own “alarm clock evolution history”, ranging from traditional alarm clocks to smartphones to smart alarm clocks. And now, alarm clocks are not just about telling the time and fixed reminders … No matter whether you are dissatisfied with the current alarm clock or have higher requirements for the alarm […]

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It’s time to see this precise alarm clock

COLOR ATOMIC DUAL ALARM CLOCK Accurate to the Second! The Atomic Clock has a built in receiver that automatically synchronizes itself with the WWVB radio broadcast by the US Government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Atomic Clock will always be accurate to within on second as it receives […]

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