best alarm clock for heavy sleepers

Anker Wakey

On Cloudventure review: a firm Nike Pegasus Trail running shoes competitor from Switzerland

I went all the way to Glastonbury to test On Running’s top trail running shoes offering, the On Cloudventure. The hilly surroundings of Somerset proved to be an excellent playground for these Swiss-made trail running shoes. Running in the On Cloudventure was a similar experience to trialling the On Cloudswift in the city: they provided […]

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Best new alarm clock

The Ultimate Guide to Alarm Clock

Sleeping through the alarm clock is something just about everyone has done at least a couple of times. Yet, some of us may find it even more challenging to start the morning, hence welcome to our quest finding the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers. With workdays getting longer, late nights becoming commonplace, and students cramming […]

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Best Smart Alarm Clock In The World
Digital alarm clock

The Best Smart Alarm Clock In The World

I believe that everyone has their own “alarm clock evolution history”, ranging from traditional alarm clocks to smartphones to smart alarm clocks. And now, alarm clocks are not just about telling the time and fixed reminders … No matter whether you are dissatisfied with the current alarm clock or have higher requirements for the alarm […]

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