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dynamite alarm clock

Do you dare to use a dynamite alarm clock?

JUST ELECTRONICS — NO PHONY BOMB PARTS INCLUDED! Put a dynamite bag next to the pillow. I wonder if you dare to sleep peacefully? This dynamite alarm clock is called a “Defusable Clock“. It is made up of “detonators”.this “detonator” (of course not a real detonator), Attach a timer of the same type from an […]

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Best Creative Alarm Clock
Best new alarm clock

Top 5 most creative alarm clocks

Do you struggle every morning to wake up on time?Are you bored of the same old alarm clock?Do you want to get up in the morning without being jarred awake by a noisy alarm?Luckily, we don’t have to put up with the same old alarms.  Here are 5 different iPhone Alarm clocks, which can not […]

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