The best gifts for kids and teens this Christmas

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Does it seem like the world of kids and teenagers gets more complicated every year, making them increasingly difficult to buy for? There are literally thousands of toys on the market, as well as more kid-friendly tech than ever before.

There’s no denying that here at T3 we love all things tech, and think there’s no better Christmas gift than a gadget specifically designed for a younger user. From smartwatches to tablets, and drones to bluetooth speakers, we’ve rounded up the best tech gifts for kids and teenagers this Christmas.

But don’t despair if your child, or the child you’re buying a gift for, isn’t a gadget-fiend. We’ve also included gifts that encourage kids to get more out of the world around them, whether that’s through exploring the outdoors, documenting their favourite memories, or simply by being more curious. 

Vodafone V-Kids Watch

Set your little adventurers free with the best smart watch designed for kids

Reasons to buy
+GPS tracking for parental peace of mind+Water resistant 

We first featured the Vodafone V-kids watch in our best gifts for kids roundup last year, and it has made the cut again. With children and teenagers becoming more tech-savvy and parents ever more conscious of safety and security, this smartwatch is a winner for all generations. 

Built in games and voice messaging will entertain kids and let them stay in touch with their friends, whilst GPS tracking means parents can always know where their kids are, without having to always be holding their hand, or don camo gear and binoculars.

The safety features of the V-watch really excel thanks to the SOS button that allows kids to send alerts directly to their parent’s smartphone should they need help, and it’ll even give directions to each other’s location using Google or Apple Maps. 

Parents can also set ‘Safe Zones’ so they’ll be notified if their child leaves a certain area. Release your kids to enjoy all the adventure the outdoors has to offer, knowing they are safe while they do. 

But let’s not forget this is a present for your child, not you. The V-kids watch resembles a grown-up smart watch, but the bright blue or pink colours are a kid-friendly addition.

(Image credit: Razor)

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

A powerful electronic scooter for daring kids

Reasons to buy
+Top speed of 10MPH+Ride time of up to 80 minutes 

Scooters have been a Christmas gift list staple for years, but the Razor Power Core E90 electric scooter offers a 2019 upgrade for the child or teenager who has outgrown their manual scooter. 

On par with other good electric scooters for speed, reaching up to 10MPH, this scooter is not recommend for children under eight, but is a gift that’ll make you incredibly popular with your older child or teenager. Who knows, they might even let you have a go! 

Where the Razor Power excels is its battery life: the owner of this scooter can keep riding for up to 80 minutes. 

The rider is in full control thanks to a hand-operated front brake, and the airless (and therefore puncture-proof) tires absorb impact from bumps or knocks. If you’re looking for a modern upgrade of a traditional gift that’s guaranteed to get your child outside more, this gift is a win for you.

Amazon Fire 10 Kids Tablet

Unlock a world of fun and learning with this kids’ tablet

Reasons to buy
+Up to 10 hours of battery life +Full HD display

There are many toy mobile phones and tablets out there for younger kids, but if you’re buying for a child who’s old enough for a real tablet, we think the Amazon Fire 10 is one of the best gifts for kids out there. 

Playing games, reading books and watching video are all easy and fun on the Amazon Fire 10 thanks to a brilliant 10.1″ 1080p Full HD display, stereo speakers playing Dolby Audio, and 10 hours of battery life.

There’s also 32 GB of internal storage and the option to add up to 256 GB extra with a microSD card, meaning kids can be kept entertained on long car journeys to visit relatives or travelling to your summer holiday destination. 

What’s more, every tablet comes with a free year of Fire for Kids Unlimited, which gives kids access to over 5,000 apps, games, books and educational content from the likes of Disney and Nickelodeon. We think this service is well worth the £1.99 it costs after that first year, but do remember to cancel the subscription if you don’t want to keep it. 

Lastly, you’re guaranteed a worry-free gift-giving experience with the Amazon Fire 10 thanks to its 2 year warranty. 

Snuggly Rascal headphones

Keep your little rascals entertained and looking adorable

Reasons to buy
+Snuggly, soft fleece material +Six cute designs to choose from+Machine washable 

Pair your child’s new Amazon Fire 10 tablet with a pair of these adorable headphones from Snuggly Rascals.

Flat speakers are enclosed inside the fleece handband, so the band folds up compactly as well as being comfortable enough to wear on long journeys. 

There are six designs to choose from, all of which are size adjustable so you know you’ll get the fit right. All you need to do is chose between the unicorn, the monster or the snuggly owl pictured above… it’s harder than you think! 

Most importantly for adult relatives, these headphones have volume-limited speakers to ensure you don’t have to listen to the music or film that your child is listening to. You’re welcome! 

We recommend the fleece bands for a Christmas gift, but there is also a cotton option, perhaps if you’ve got a summer holiday planned in a hot destination? 

(Image credit: Altair )

Altair AA108 Quadcopter

Take flight this Christmas and perform tricks, flips and rolls with our favourite drone for kids

Reasons to buy
+Easy to operate+High-quality camera
Reasons to avoid
Will require frequent battery changes

Our number one pick of the best drones for kids is the Altair AA108 Quadcopter, because it looks just like a “grown up” drone, but comes with some easy fly features that make it perfect for an older child or teenager. 

First up is the ‘one touch take off’. For teenagers, there’s nothing worse than a present you can’t wait to use, but to do so takes a skill you’re far too impatient to get the hang of on Christmas day. For parents, there’s nothing worse than an otherwise epic present falling flat because of a teenage mood swing. Thankfully, the Altair AA108’s one touch take off eliminates the initial stress of trying to get the drone off the ground.

There’s also an altitude hold mode that keeps the drone hovering in the air without the user controlling it, helping the pilot get to grips with flying without being held up by constant crashes to ground. 

As with any drone, the charge to flight time ratio is low, with each battery delivering up to ten minutes of flight time. The drone comes with two batteries, but it’ll be worth filling your teen’s stocking with a few extras on Christmas morning. 

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

A portable Bluetooth speaker with 360 sound and kid-proof durability

Reasons to buy
+Unbelievable value+Waterproof

Despite the fact it costs less than £60, the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom tops out list of the best portable Bluetooth speakers you can buy today. The sound quality is the best of any we’ve tried, so it’s sure to please even the fussiest teenager. 

Designed to be used outdoors, whether that’s a park or your back garden, this is the perfect gift for the teenager who is getting into music and wants to impress their friends.

360° audio means that everyone will be able to hear it without the need for blasting the neighbours (or you for that matter) senseless.

It’s completely young-person proof: throw it at a wall or drop it in a swimming pool and it’ll continue blasting out tunes in defiance. It’s almost like it was built for teens. 

(Image credit: Oaxis)

myFirst camera 2

The perfect gift for budding photographers this Christmas

Reasons to buy
+High-quality camera+Durable+Camera charges in 3-4 hours and will last a day
Reasons to avoid
A bit too toy-like for older kids

Photography is a great way to encourage your child to explore the outdoors creatively, whilst letting them enjoy technology. For this reason, we think the myFirst Camera 2 is one of the best gifts for kids this year. 

The myFirst Camera 2 from Oaxis takes high resolution photos and has 1920 x 1080p video resolution, so although this is a camera for kids, it’s of a quality fit for grown ups. 

What’s more, the camera will prove itself hardy on any adventure thanks to a waterproof case and silicone sleeve that keeps the camera weather and shockproof, an essential trait in a kid’s gift, we think!

Natural History Museum NHM1005 Pocket Microscope

Help them see more of the world with this pocket microscope

Reasons to buy
+Pocket sized+Up to 40x magnification 
Reasons to avoid
They might be ready to upgrade quickly 

If you’re buying for a budding scientist this Christmas, then this pocket-sized microscope from the Natural History Museum is the perfect stocking filler.

As with any full-size microscope there’s an adjustable focus wheel, as well as zoom magnification of up to 40x plus an ultra-bright LED light, all of which means your little genius can inspect flakes of skin and the like in incredible detail. 

The microscope comes with slides, cover slips and a lens cloth so they can get started straight away.

(Image credit: Roccat Kain)

Roccat Kain 120 AIMO gaming mouse

The perfect budget gift for a gaming-mad teen

Reasons to buy
+Looks sleek and frankly, cool+Titan Click buttons
Reasons to avoid

If you’re buying a Christmas gift for a gaming-mad teen but you don’t want to fork out for a new gaming laptop, then help them upgrade their existing rig with the best gaming mouse: the Roccat Kain 120 AIMO. 

Our gaming experts love how this mouse looks and feels, especially its lightweight and ergonomic design which easily allows for different grips. It’s super light, which also makes it incredibly fast and so it is ideal for fast-paced, quick-moving games. If your teen knows what’s what when it comes to gaming, they will appreciate the responsive feel of the Titan Click buttons featured on this mouse. 

As well as being perfectly placed for speedy clicking, the tech itself improves gameplay as the Kain’s firmware allows the click to be registered 16ms faster than its rivals.

How It Works magazine subscription

Full of fun and education

Reasons to buy
+Direct to their door every month+Builds interest in the world

A subscription to How It Works (from the same company that publishes is an out-of-this-world gift for kids of all ages with pressing questions they need answers to. 

Throughout the year they’ll receive 13 fact-filled issues, all loaded with engaging articles that young inquisitive minds will love. Do they wonder about the science behind the Doctor Who TV series? Or think about why salt flats so flat? How about how jellyfish are able to live without a brain? 

How It Works answers these questions and hundreds more in a year, covering everything from the human body to colliding galaxies, weird and wonderful plants and animals to futuristic super gadgets.

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