The best gifts for under £50 this Christmas

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When you’re shopping for the best Christmas gifts for less than £50, it can be tempting to turn straight to novelty gifts that you know will draw a laugh, but sadly won’t likely be used once the festive period is over. 

The truth is, there are a multitude of amazing gifts you can buy with £50. So many in fact, that we’ve compiled a selection of the best gifts for under £50. The list ranges from cocktail making kits and espresso machines, right through to high-quality wireless speakers and modern smart home tech from some of the tech world’s biggest brands.

If that’s not enough, we’ve also got budget friendly gifts for wine lovers, those who love cooking, and those who have made losing their keys a daily occurrence. 

Google Home Mini

Give them the smart home gift they didn’t know they wanted

Reasons to buy
+Unbelievable value +Powered by Google Assistant+Use it to control your smart home+Or answer your questions via Google Search
Reasons to avoid
Not good enough to be a standalone speaker 

It’s been a while since the Google Home Mini was the new kid on the smart home block, but since then it has proved itself as more than a passing fad. Available in Chalk, Charcoal or Coral, this teeny gadget has ample tech to stuff a stocking, and it’s now super-cheap since the newer (and renamed) Google Nest Mini has been announced.

If you’re buying for someone who is intrigued by smart home technology but hasn’t yet taken the plunge, then the Google Home Mini is the perfect gift. 

It’s excellent value too; it has all the voice control functionality of the larger and more expensive Google Home, but for a fraction of the cost. The compromise is sound quality, but it’s sufficient as a home assistant. 

Like the original Google Home, this miniature version is powered by Google Assistant and has all the answers to your questions (cheers, Google Search). Ask it to tell you the latest traffic, weather or sports news, for example, and Google Home Mini will read it out. 

Use it to boss around your other smart home tech, to personalise your schedule and reminders, or to fire-up your favourite films and music: “OK Google, play Home Alone on Netflix.”

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Virgin Wines Spanish Red Trio In Wooden Gift Box

Give the classy gift of booze, this Christmas

Reasons to buy
+Extremely classy, extremely low hassle+Well presented+Three wine types to try
Reasons to avoid
Not suitable for children

This great-value gift gives the recipient a snapshot of Spanish red wine, and the chance to discover their new favourite tipple. 

This beautifully presented box contains a Rioja from Finca Los Principes (you had me at Rijoa, frankly), a mature, well-bodied Gran Reserva and the Finca Manzanos Seleccion de la Familia Rioja, described as “spicy and extremely classy”. 

We think this is the perfect gift for someone who wants to get to know what the like and isn’t sure where to start. There’s no better time to experiment than Christmas, and there’s no better gift for under £50 for a red wine lover. 

TOG ceramic honing rod

Something your foodie friend probably doesn’t already have…

Reasons to buy
+Keeps western and Oriental blades at their best+Unusual shock-proof carbon construction

• Buy for £40 direct from TOG

One of our favourite knife brands, TOG is always great for gifting. We’ve featured the brilliant honing rod for your favourite blades in this list of the best gifts for under £50 before, and it still makes the cut. 

Ceramic is great for keeping your knives honed because it’s tough, with ultra-hard (Mohs 8, if you’re technical), sintered black ceramic effective even on very hard steel. Ceramic rods are also lighter and easier to handle than steel ones.

Where they can fall down (literally) is that they are quite fragile. However TOG has introduced a ‘patented 3-part shock-absorber system’ which takes care of 70% of impacts, reducing the risk of breakage if dropped. Do try not to drop it, though.

Also under £50 (okay, only in the smallest size), TOG has these stunning, hand-made chopping boards.

• Browse the chopping board range

Hand made from solid American black walnut, these must be the best chopping boards we’ve ever used. The feet on the base make them incredibly stable, and prevent the board from ever sitting in water and warping. The five stripes echo the copper layers in the blades of TOG knives and are made from British cherry. 

iOttie iON Fast Charging Stand

A smart-looking stand that will charge your phone rapidly and wirelessly

Reasons to buy
+Fast, wireless charging+Charges Apple and Android phones +Available in ash or ruby fabric finishes 

Designed to blend seamlessly with the decor of any home, office, or home office, the iON Wireless Stand from iOttie looks far smarter than the sub £50 it costs. 

Compatible with most iOS and Android devices, the iON Wireless Stand works by using a wireless insert that you put into your phone case, alleviating the need for a charging cable.

The stand is angled at a 65° tilt so that you can still easily view your phone while it’s charging, meaning you don’t miss notifications.  It features two Qi coils that allow for both portrait and landscape wireless charging, and includes anti-slip material to provide extra traction on smooth surfaces such as a desk. 

Another functionality feature is the easy to read white light that will display when the device is charging (or a red light when it’s not charging or if the device is incompatible). 

(Image credit: Tile)

Tile Mate

A genius Bluetooth tracker for keys and phones

Reasons to buy
+Clip it to bags and clothing+Displays locations on a map+No charging required
Reasons to avoid
Literally nothing, it’s a life saver

Forgetful? Absent minded? Scatterbrained? If any of these words come to mind when you think about the person you’re shopping for, you need to get them a Tile Mate.

This Bluetooth tracker is the best gift under £50 for someone who is constantly losing their keys or phone. 

Designed to run for a year without replacement and without charging or batteries, the app-controlled Bluetooth Tile Mate can be fixed to keys, bags and clothing, or slipped into wallets and purse. If you lose that item, fire up the Tile app and check the map for your item’s last-known location. 

This ultra-lightweight gadget syncs with your smartphone so that you can keep tabs on that too. Left your phone behind somewhere? Press your Tile Mate twice and your phone will ring, even if it’s been previously set to silent. You can also track a stolen or misplaced phone via the Tile map. 

JBL Clip 3

A portable Bluetooth speaker to accompany you on every adventure

Reasons to buy
+Waterproof+Clips to clothes, belts and bags  

If the person you’re buying for is a fan of the great outdoors but has all the hiking and camping kit they could ever need, the JBL Clip 3  might be just what they’re missing. 

It’s an ultra-portable, ultra-rugged and waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can clip onto clothes, belt loops and backpacks, making it the ultimate accessory for outdoor adventures. It may be small,  but the volume capability is surprisingly good for the size. 

Each charge will give you up to 10 hours playing time, so there’s plenty of juice to get you through a barbecue or even a camping weekend away. 

(Image credit: Perfect Fitness)

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Help them start the year right with our favourite ab roller

Reasons to buy
+Helps build abs +Comfortable, padded handles 
Reasons to avoid
Pricey compared to other ab rollers

If you’re shopping for a friend or loved one who loves keeping fit but seems to already has all the dumbbells and kettlebells anyone could possibly need, what else is there? An ab roller, apparently.

Here at T3 we made the bold claim that ab rollouts are the THE best exercise to work and strengthen your core, so if you’re buying a gift for a fitness fanatic, why not buy them the best ab roller out there? And yes, it costs less than £50. 

It’s easy to get started with, thanks to the carbon steel spring mechanism, which aids roll in, yet adds resistance as you roll out. But you’re not interested in the mechanics, you want to know why it’s one of the best gifts for less than £50. 

It may not look like much, but this piece of equipment is essential for anyone who wants to tone their stomach, and ultimately build a six pack. 

(Image credit: WACACO)

Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine

Help them get their coffee fix anytime, anywhere

Reasons to buy
+Great coffee on the go

If you’re looking for a novelty gift, or a budget gift for coffee addict, then look no further than the Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine. At less than £25, it’s one of the best gifts on the list for well under £50. 

It’s size (18cm x 15cm) and portability give this gift just the right amount of novelty, but it’s practical and useful, so won’t be forgotten about once the January blues kick in. 

Despite its size, the Minipresso comes with everything needed to make an espresso: just add a scoop of your favourite fine-ground coffee and hot water. We rate the Minipresso at number four in our best espresso machine roundup because it makes genuinely good coffee, and it’s our number one when it comes to finding a budget buy. 

We bet you can think of plenty of people who can’t start the day without their morning coffee, so why not make every morning like Christmas morning with this great gift for coffee lovers. 

Buckle & Seam Phone Sleeve

The luxury choice for smart, smartphone protection

Reasons to buy
+Handmade+Fits all iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S8

If you’ve bought that same friend or relative a phone case for two years on the trot and they’re still not using it, perhaps they’d prefer to use their phone without a case, but still protect it when it’s not in use?

This gorgeous phone sleeve from Buckle & Seam allows them to do just that.

It’s slimline and minimalist design will suit any user, and there are size options to fit all iPhones as well as the Samsung S7 and S8. 

Handmade from premium leather, this is a luxury gift in spite of its low price tag. 

Tempur Sleep Mask

The perfect gift for the frequent traveller

Reasons to buy
+Soft & comfortable 
Reasons to avoid
Only available in grey

Tempur are well known for helping us get the best night’s sleep on one of their mattresses, but they also offer other accessories to help you and your loved ones sleep.

If you’re looking for the best gift under £50 for a frequent jet-setter, then we recommend the Tempur Sleep Eye Mask. 

The soft outer material and adjustable Velcro straps mean it’s incredibly comfortable to wear, and thanks to pressure-relieving Tempur® material, the sleep mask moulds perfectly to the shape of the wearer’s face, meaning it delivers complete darkness and cushions the eyes while you sleep. 

We think this is a perfect thoughtful budget gift if you want to spoil someone with some “me time” for less than £50. 

(Image credit: Twice Element®)

Twice Element Cocktail Mixing Set

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like getting merry with a cocktail

Reasons to buy
+Swanky gift box+Easy to use (and to clean!)

Whether you know a cocktail aficionado or an aspiring mixologist, this cocktail making set is a fun, unique gift

Despite costing under £50, it’s premium quality. The food-grade stainless steel tumblers that won’t leak or crack, and the strainer has twice as many coils as most, which stops small bits of fruit and ice creeping through and ruining a cocktail masterpiece!

It looks the part too. This cocktail making kit is beautifully presented in a gift box and includes a sleek pouch for storage. It also comes with a free recipe booklet so your giftee can get started right away on making perfect cocktails. Guests first, of course. 

Vaya Tyffyn Insulated Lunchbox

Give a gift that improves their day, every day

Reasons to buy
+Keeps food warm or cold for up to 5 hours+Compartments for separating your food+Leak-resistant

Perfect for the winter months when hot soups and re-heated leftovers make a more inviting lunch than salads or sandwiches, the Vaya Tyffyn is a BPA-free lunchbox that will keep food separated and insulated.

The 600ml lunchbox has two spill-proof containers that allow you to carry up to four dishes, and the 1000ml one has three containers that can accommodate up to six dishes. The partitions mean you can be sure the dishes won’t mix and surprise you with a not so nice culinary surprise! 

It also features a convenient collapsible handle, heat-protective finger grip and a leak-proof lid so know you won’t open your bag at lunchtime to find your lunch has spilt all over it. 

A lunchbox might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to Christmas gifting, but the choice of designs – from stylish graphite or chrome to fun dinosaurs   – make the Vaya lunchboxes a great gift as well as  something practical that will make a difference to someone’s everyday.

Looking to splash out a little more? Why not have a read of our gift guides catering for the under £150 and under £250 budgets? 

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