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Round Time Table Clock Gray – Capello

Round Time Table Clock Gray - Capello

Capella’s Round Table Clock is a small, lightweight alarm clock that fits on your bedside table. It offers the option to plug in your phone so you can listen to music, and its grey fabric surface is gray and stylish in appearance. It has snooze on the top and has three brightness settings to suit your preferences. What’s more, it can also charge your phone, the USB port on the back works well, and it can charge quickly when the clock is plugged into a power source.

Compact Battery Operated Digital Alarm Clock White – Sharp

Compact Battery Operated Digital Alarm Clock White - Sharp

With its small size, this sharp alarm clock is perfect for travel or use in tight spaces. White case with easy-to-set controls at the top for alarms, turn-off button and snooze / light function. The alarm will automatically turn off after 60 minutes, pause the alarm, it will ring again, and use the slide switch to turn off the alarm.

Digital Alarm Clock Black – Timelink

Digital Alarm Clock Black - Timelink

Getting up with this digital alarm clock from Timelink is much easier. This black alarm clock has a large display with green numbers to help you keep track of time. The large buttons on the top make it easy to set alerts. They also make it easy to hit sn, so you can sleep for a few more minutes. The backup battery only keeps time, so you do n’t need to reset the time when you plug it back in.

Vintage Modern Twin Bell Alarm Table Clock Black/Silver – Crosley

Instead of setting an alarm on your phone, use the Twin-Bell alarm clock from Crosley to wake up the classic way. A desktop alarm clock may have a classic design, but its smooth black and white color scheme makes it a modern accessory for a bedside table. Most importantly, it has easy-to-read numbers, so you’ll quickly know if you have time to take a nap … or not!

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