The Best Modern Alarm Clock for 2020

modern alarm clock

Functional and practical alarm clocks are back in fashion. Relying on mobile phones for morning alerts means keeping yourself on a bright screen during bedtime (or worse, late at night). Our favorite modern, unique alarm clock can not only help you sleep better, but also improve your style.

1.Riki Wood Alarm Clock

Designed by renowned Japanese designer Riki Watanabe, this round wooden clock features large, readable numbers. Small black dashes mark minutes and hours, and therefore the black rectangular hands repeat the dash effect. Simple in design, this unique alarm clock features a single button at the highest for the snooze function and lightweight .

2.Moon Beam Clock

Introduced in 1952, this customer favorite combines vintage style and modern features. The mid-century design features a fully lighted dial, bell tone alarm, backlight and snooze function. With plug-in power and a backup battery, this remake includes a built-in USB port for charging your devices. Plus, it comes in four retro-cool colors.

3.Alarm Clock Innate XL

With its round wood case and a gray clock dial inspired by instrument dials, this unique alarm clock calls to mind vintage aviation design. The metal base sets the clock at the right viewing angle. This battery-powered clock features an easy-to-read second user in red.

4.Jiji Alarm Clock

Small but projecting a mighty presence, this round clock features large, elegant numerals and minute markers. Distinctive black hour and minute hands complement a ticking second user . The classic face design is encased during a vintage-inspired aluminum body. This unique alarm clock’s chunky shape will make a press release in any room.

5.Block Alarm Clock

This stylish design features a functional clock dial enclosed during a handsome chrome steel body. The white clock dial has easy-to-read black lines and rectangular black hands. Luminous tips and a dial light provide soft illumination in the dark . Simple and understated, this unique alarm clock also features a snooze function.

6.Chunky Cube Alarm Clock

The post-modern design of this alarm clock features a minimalist clock dial design without hour markings. Gold metal hands during a matte finish are an upscale detail, and therefore the rounded cube shape features a stylish smooth finish. This battery-powered clock features one alarm.

7.Babylon Alarm Clock

The Babylon Clock is inspired by geometric rock formations, with raised facets giving texture to the round, modern design. Raised lines on the clock dial indicate the hours, while luminescent hands make it easy to read the time. Modern features include an LED backlight, Snooze button, and sweeping second-hand movement. Attractive from all sides, this small clock makes a superb desk clock or bedside alarm.

8.Numbers LED Clock

A distinctly modern design by Jonas Damon, this clock features four separate blocks connected by cords; each block displays just one digit. The all-black plastic blocks are often set during a row, or stacked to rearrange the time as you’d like. This industrial-style alarm clock has an eco-friendly LED display, black cords and a wall socket . However, you won’t be hitting the snooze button – because this minimalist clock doesn’t have one.

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