The Best Modern Nightstand Clocks for 2020

modern nightstand clocks

Maybe you can’t get up on time every day, so you may need an alarm clock to wake you up. In life, maybe when we are busy, we will ignore the passage of time, which leads us to miss every time to do things. Then you need an alarm clock to remind you what to do. The 2020 smart clock not only provides more comfort and interactive features, but also makes it more reliable to work.

1.Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake Light

The Somneo Connected is the first of Philips’ sleep and wake lights to feature app-enabled customization, making it easy for anyone to set their own sleep schedule using sunrise and sunset lights.

The standout feature of this alarm clock is its built-in light, which uses a color-changing LED to simulate a natural sunrise and sunset. You can program either light change as a part of your morning or evening routine and you can combine it with audio alarms as well.

You can customize the colors of these light alarms and schedule them from a touch screen on the Somneo Connected. You can also use the SleepMapper App, which additionally allows you to view data from the built-in AmbiTrack sensor. This measure’s your room temperature, noise, light, and humidity levels to give recommendations for better sleep. You can also disable this feature if you find it invasive.

You can also use the app to program audio alarms. You can schedule 16 different alarm profiles and specify what combination of light and sound you want. You can use eight preset “natural wakeup sounds” but if you want to wake up to music, you’re limited to FM radio or a device plugged in via aux port.

The Somneo Connected is one of the few smart alarm clocks we reviewed that actually has a battery backup. This is nice for absolute assurance that you will hear your alarm. It also has a USB port to charge your phone.

Those who live north of the 45th parallel already know that seasonal depression can make it pretty hard to get out of bed. The Philips Somneo Connected remedies this issue elegantly and provides some awesome features to match. It might not have smart home functionalities but it stands on its own as a so-called smart alarm clock.

2.City Hall Alarm Clock

The pared-down clock designed in 1956 for the City Hall in Copenhagen is a mid-century icon. This unique alarm clock reproduces Arne Jacobsen’s graphic clock face, with bold white lines indicating hours and white dots representing minutes. A steel stand gives the design an industrial vibe, and the classic bell sound of the alarm adds to its vintage charm. This battery-powered clock is easy to use – a light tap on the top activates the snooze cycle or turns on the night-light (which shuts itself off).

3.Latme Sunrise Alarm Clock

If the Latme Sunrise Alarm Clock looks familiar, that is probably because it is modeled after the Philips Somneo Wake Light. This is a solid budget alternative that incorporates a special lighting system to help you get to sleep and wake up more naturally.

You can set this clock to wake you up with your choice of light, sound, or both. The Latme Sunrise Clock has several sunrise and sunset patterns built in but you can also choose from other colors if you prefer a blue or green light (I’m not sure why you would). Unfortunately, the only wake-up audio options are FM radio and the internal library of seven preset peaceful sounds. There is no way to play your own music as an alarm.

This is disappointing as the clock advertises full connectivity with either Alexa or Google Assistant. What this means is you can use these voice assistants to modify the clock’s settings but you can’t access all the features of the voice assistant through the clock. Alexa controls are limited to toggling the light, toggling alarms, and turning off the audio.

It is fairly easy to schedule alarms and customize them but this device can only hold four alarms before you connect it to a voice assistant. Thereafter you can store additional alarms on the cloud service.

The Latme Sunrise Alarm Clock has a built-in backup battery and a USB charge out port, both of which are nice to have for bedside use. It might not be the most customizable smart alarm clock but it is an inexpensive way to add light therapy to your evening and morning routines.

4.Bedside Speaker System Alarm Clock

For many, the iHome brand will bring you back to the day of plugging your iPod into a 30-pin dock before bed every night. Possibly before you even had a smartphone.But now that wireless communication reigns supreme, iHome has upped the ante with the iHome iAVS16 Alexa Bedside Speaker System, an Alexa-powered alarm clock with a pair of speakers that outclass the competition. Out of all the smart alarm clocks we’ve seen, this one most closely resembles a traditional bedside radio.

It has a large LED display that shows the time, date, weather, Wi-Fi status, and the next upcoming alarm. On the backside, there is a 2.1A USB port for charging phones or tablets.You get a myriad of onboard controls (even though you still can’t set an alarm without the use of Alexa), and a nifty accent light bar which can be used for ambiance or as a part of your wake up routine.

As for its smart functionalities, the iAVS16 uses Amazon’s Alexa service, and so it is capable of performing pretty much every Alexa skill.Two of the top buttons are smart buttons meant to be connected to iHome devices like smart plugs. Unfortunately, you can’t connect them to other brands of smart home products. You can, however, still use Alexa voice commands to activate compatible smart home devices.

Alexa’s alarm setup is as easy as saying “set an alarm for 8:30am” for single alarms, or “set a repeating alarm for Wednesday and Thursday at 9am” for repeating ones.To customize your alarms beyond Alexa’s scope, simply install the iHome AVS app on your Android or iOS device.This allows you to customize your alarm to stream audio from services like Spotify (if you have Spotify Premium) or iHeartRadio. Plenty of services are missing, though, including the ability to play music from your phone’s storage.

Like other Alexa devices, you can use this speaker to put on audio before bed and then set a sleep timer. This helps you sleep better at night, and ideally, wake up easier afterward.One feature that may prove distracting at night is the display LEDs. The front LED display can be dimmed or turned off, but the top button LEDs cannot, which may light your room up at night.

Ultimately, these small issues don’t at all take away from the fact that iHome mostly nailed it with their first Alexa-enabled bedside speaker. The iAVS16 is a versatile nightstand companion, and it will only continue to grow in usefulness with future firmware updates.

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