The Carpet Alarm Clock Wakes You Up

carpet alarm

There have been a lot of clever alarm clock concepts recently. They all have one thing in common – forcing you to get up to close it. Carpet alarm clock is a variation of the whole meme. To close it, you have to get up and step on it. If you really want to challenge, please keep it away from your bed. Of course, if there is no clock, it will not be a clock. The LCD can also display the time.

Specification properties:

Make sure you can use this pressure sensor alarm clock to get up every morning!

You are encouraged to sound from under the chassis and the alarm will continue to sound until you place your feet on top. With this physical action, you can get out of bed and ensure that you are not sleepy, because both feet must stay on the ultra soft foam pad for at least three seconds.

This alarm clock is perfect for people who are habitually late or just like to hit Na. It changes your morning by motivating and motivating you to start a new day. To further inspire you, you can record exciting messages as a reward for getting up and stopping the alarm clock. With this new digital clock, you can get up on time and get ready to go.

Be careful:

To change the alarm music, plug in the USB cable on the back of the mat and connect it to the computer. You can customize the alarm music.

Batteries are not included in the package.

The volume is not adjustable.


Effective is very effective and loud – the sound ranges from 90 to 120 decibels, like a blender in the bedroom!

Wake up your body and mind — upload custom MP3 to welcome you and motivate you to stop alarming!

Soft incredible soft and comfortable — soft soft foam made of soft wool feels like a cloud.

Minimalist design – also a carpet, you can clean up the room space, although powerful, it looks great in any room.

Custom alarm sound – just connect the USB cable and drag the sound from the computer. All you have to do is load the battery and make it easy.

A rug with a built-in alarm clock

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