The color change clock what you need

color change clock

The color change clock is a popular one at the moment. Its colorful colors will bring different moods to users. You can switch its colors at will, allowing you to achieve a sense of comfort.

HEMV 7 Colour Changing LED Digital Alarm Clock

The children just like it. When you hit the clock, they will be fascinated by their seven changing colors, and powered by 3AAA batteries, the light is enough to be seen in a dark room. It has a very soothing effect. For them, it’s like a game. They just click and see the color change.

The hemv 7 color changing LED alarm clock has a wide full digital screen and large digital display, which is convenient for children and adults. The function is simple. The small buttons at the bottom are used for “Settings”, “up”, “down”, and a button dedicated to changing mode to alarm. This alarm clock is easy to operate. If you have any questions, please follow the instructions in the attached manual.

The time, date and date, and temperature are shown in bold on the clock face. When setting an alarm, you can choose from eight tones, two of which are standard beeps and some are chord tones. Unlike conventional clocks, its large digital LED display has constantly changing colors and looks very fashionable and futuristic. It will be the subject of any room.

Timelink Color-Changing Alarm Clock

With this timelink color changing alarm clock, you can add more vitality and personality to your bedroom. It gradually changes the color and allows you to freeze the color. The mood light alarm clock is powered by electric power and has the function of alarm and pressing anywhere to sleep. It also includes an alarm time display and optional battery backup.

Time link to change the color of the alarm clock provides a variety of colors to help you create the decoration you need for your bedroom. Time link color changing alarm clock: color changing mood light color freezing function alarm clock time display, press anywhere to pause the alarm clock and 5 minutes of nap optional battery backup (using 1 AA battery, not included) power drive has a variety of color options.

Nifty LED Color Changing Alarm Clock

Buy this amazing glow in a dark LED alarm clock with a temperature reading. The backlit display has time, date and temperature, while the transparent case glows in seven different colors. You can set the lighting function to always on to gently put you to sleep or as a backlight option when you press the unit. If you just want to see the time in the middle of the night or temporarily light up the whole room, that’s great. Give someone a great gift, or simply treat yourself. With the built-in thermometer, you will always know how cold or hot the room is, which is very useful for resolving these disputes!

Alarm Clock for Kids 7 Colors Changing Light

Multifunctional LED alarm clock, LED clock shows time, date, day of week and temperature. There are alarm clock and sleepy function, timer function and so on. When the alarm or music is on, the LED backlight can change seven colors through induction, which is soft but not dazzling, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Note: when not in use, the lamp will automatically turn off after 8-10s.

The multi-function alarm clock is made of high-quality ABS material, strong and fall resistant, which is very suitable for children. Note: the clock requires a battery, but the battery is not included in the package. Natural ring, LED alarm clock contains five kinds of natural sounds, such as bird call, water sound and sheep ble sound, so that the alarm is no longer normal and noisy. Children’s intelligent clock is similar to spherical, small and lovely, and can be used as room decoration. The flat bottom prevents it from tipping over. It’s a great gift for children

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