The Kindle Paperwhite now comes in a nice new blue hue

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Amazon is introducing a new colour for the Kindle Paperwhite – twilight blue, available in addition to the traditional black. Again it’s available in 8GB and 32GB models and is waterproof.The new thinner and lighter Paperwhite was first introduced last year. Theline-up of devices is three-strong, of course: the basic Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite and the premiumKindle Oasis. All have multiple week-long battery lives.squirrel_widget_146035The latestPaperwhite is now brighter and the front has lost its protruding bezel, so the screen is flat from edge to edge.There’s support for Bluetooth enabling you to listen to Audible books.Customers can also choose from three new leather cover colour options – Plum,SageandTwilight Blue – for £34.99 each.Despite our love of smartphones, Amazon is still selling bucketloads of Kindles – especially across the Summer period when people use them on their holidays. They’re always one of the biggest sellers across Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday.

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