Latest mechanical page-turning alarm clock in 2020

The mechanical flip clock is a Bomba clock designed by Dutch designer Wi11 Vanden Vos. It uses very primitive principles but achieves a very modern effect. It does not display the time through the pointer or the LCD screen, but uses a display method similar to the scoreboard of sports games. And every time the time changes, it will turn a page through the internal mechanical device. On this clock, it appears that the upper half is turned down, so that the time is continuously updated.

Stainless steel alarm clock

The surface of the clock body is smooth and delicate, just wipe it with a damp cloth and refresh it.

Rotation time adjustment

Rotary knob on the right side of the minute hand area to adjust the time at any time

Optimized battery compartment design

The rear battery compartment is simple in design, and the individual design highlights the unique temperament. It has exquisite workmanship, smooth cuts, no teeth, and no shaving

Latest PVC quality sheet

Sheets made of synthetic polyester PVC with strong flexibility

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