Most affordable alarm clock of 2020

Sony ICFC1T Alarm Clock

Sony ICFC1T Alarm Clock

Sony ICFC1TB is a powerful alarm clock, It will wake you up even when the power is off. In most models we tested, a backup battery would only save time and alert settings. The clock will show an icon on the front panel to let you know when the backup battery has been replaced, and you should replace it as soon as possible. If the power goes out and the backup battery runs out, you will lose all alarm settings.

How much does an alarm clock cost?

Amazon’s Sony ICFC1TB $ 20.70, belongs to the lower price alarm clock, but the performance is very good. Sony ICFC1T has at least some of the latest innovations in alarm clock technology like Bluetooth connectivity and USB charging ports, but it is a durable workhorse alarm clock.

Alarm clock features:

Snooze button function

  • The snooze button presses the entire length of the top panel, so it’s easy to find in the dark. We pressed the button more than 100 times with different pressures and it continued to work normally. The buttons on the ICFC1T feel like you can press them a few times without damage. The Oscia is the only other alarm clock we tested that comes with a telescopic match close to ICFC1T.

Dual alarm function

  • This clock has a dual alarm function, so you can set alarms for yourself and your bed. If you like, you can set up one or two alerts to play the broadcast instead of the typical beep. When set to maximum volume, the buzzer of the Sony ICFC1T will be quieter than the radio siren at the same setting. When we measured with a decibel meter two feet from the clock, the radio alarm was played at 64.1 dB, while the progressive buzzer was at 60.4 dB.

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