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Elecstars Touch Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker
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The Elecstars alarm clock model for kids is actually a versatile device due to its multi-functionality. In addition to working as an alarm clock, it can function as a Bluetooth speaker, touch sensor LED amp, MP3 player, and hands-free calling device. All the mentioned 5 functionalities will be highly beneficial for kids and even to adults. Generally, this touch alarm clock is found compatible with all Bluetooth devices so you can easily operate it in a wireless fashion. It came to know that this device support flash drive or micro SD Card input and AUX input. Through the assistance of the 3-level brightness being variable along with the beautiful touch sensor design, the LED night light could generate a relaxed environment for you.

Features of this Kid Alarm Clocks:

  1. This bedside lamp is furnished with 48 colors changing LED lights to make the environment fascinating.
  2. It comes with the touch activation and comprehensive control of brightness.
  3. Based on the rhythm and volume, the colors can be changed.
  4. Therefore, this handy smart LED light could be used for different purposes like simple lounging at home, traveling, camping, etc.
  5. It comes with the large capacity 4000 mAh Li battery which is rechargeable.
  6. This mentioned battery is capable to present long-term playing and lighting.
  7. It can function in the form of a Bluetooth speaker along with high power woofer and comes with the unique Bass technology.


Unicorn Digital Alarm Clocks
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Presented in compact, alluring design, this mini clock boasts many functions. In simple terms, it owns the capability to enhance your kids’ hands-on and thinking skills. You may purchase it as a gift product for a kid’s birthday, or also for the unicorn lovers. To eliminate the confusion about setup, just follow the manual to set up. Once set up successfully, the device screen will denote the symbol of the alarm. In case the clock’s screen does not denote the symbol of alarm, it is suggested that the alarm is set unsuccessfully.

Features of this Kid Alarm Clocks:

  1. For on-the-go use of this digital alarm clock, you just need to insert the included 2 AG13 batteries.
  2. Moreover, the device would require 4 AAA batteries to drive the LED lights.
  3. Its bright LCD displays would perfectly denote hours in two formats -12-hour and 24-hour time format.
  4. Besides, it also denotes date, week, temperature (℉ or ℃).
  5. On its surface, there are glittery LED lights which can alter 7 different colors.
  6. The color changing effect would generate a unique ambiance and would enlighten the room to let kids wake up comfortably.


BEST LEARNING Learning Clock
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In the present market, this learning clock proves to be one of the smartest interactive talking clock toys. Its functionalities are intended to engage youth and kids on ways to read the clock. In spite of being smart, it is not difficult to use it –simply turn the hour and minute hands while it reads out the time. When operated Quiz Mode, the clock’s interactivity is important to keep children focused.

The name ‘Learning Clock’ aptly justifies the clock’s functionality of teaching kids about how to read the clock in an easy way. Usually, this learning clock is highly suitable for girls and boys aged 3 to 6 years. Also, it proves to be the charming Birthday gifts or Christmas gift for your little ones.

Features of this Kid Alarm Clocks:

  1. It is possible to activate the sleep mode because it plays 10 classical music tones and also behaves as a night light along with 12 options with a timer set up to 60 minutes.
  2. Your child can learn numbers, time, music, logical building, concentration, motor functions, and memory.
  3. Its operation just demands 3 AAA batteries and they are included in the pack.


Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock
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What makes this LED alarm clock so exceptional is its simple operation. Basically, Travelwey designed this digital clock keeping in mind complete simplicity. It is extremely easy for toddlers, teenagers, youngsters and elderly to operate the clock. Availability of the red numbers on the clock is extremely clear with additional bright quality. These numbers can be easily seen in daylight and nighttime both. Considering the comfort and smart features, this digital alarm clock is just perfect. For heavy sleepers, this digital version of the alarm clock is one of the most suitable ones.

Features of this Kid Alarm Clocks:

  1. To make sure children do not afraid in the night, this digital clock is equipped with a large night light.
  2. This light can be activated by the simple press of the top button.
  3. This digital bedside alarm clock possesses one of the loudest alarms and the same could be set at low volume or high volume.
  4. It comes with a 9-minute snooze which could be repeatedly pressed until the clock itself is turned off.
  5. This feature is beneficial for the partially deaf and those suffering from hearing impairments.


Sinweda Sky Star Night Light Projector Lamp
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When you focus excessively on sound quality and brightness of an alarm clock, it is best to invest in this device. Capable to work as a bright lamp, this starry alarm clock is equipped with excellent sound quality and superb brightness of the lights. Moreover, it is easy to set up and would not consume much time. For kids under 6 years old, this projector lamp is an ideal product.

Features of this Kid Alarm Clocks:

  1. When operated in music mode, a total of 10 songs will be used for music function or clock function.
  2. This mode can be easily set to wake up your kids up during the morning.
  3. Besides, you may play it during bedtime to allow your kids to fall asleep.
  4. The clock display denotes time, date, calendar, and week display.
  5. Also, it comes with the snooze function and 12/24 hour conversion.


Plumeet Large Digital LCD Travel Alarm Clock
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There are tons of benefits when you use this digitally operated alarm clock from Plumeet. Basically, this alarm clock device possesses an easy setting and includes LCD huge jumbo number display. This display is easy to read and can be read during the daytime or nighttime.

Its overall structure boasts a handheld size which is recommended for travel purposes or for office use. Besides, the adorable colors will entice the attention of kids to use it. Some of the important traits are lightweight, well-made, easy to grab, easy to set, etc. All these qualities are advantageous for children, teenager and adult.

Features of this Kid Alarm Clocks:

  1. The simple design of this LCD alarm clock comes with the snooze function allowing you to set 8 minutes of snooze time.
  2. Furthermore, it also contains hour and minute set buttons, time set button, light button, alarm set and on/off button.
  3. From the alarm clock, the beeping speeds up after every few seconds in case the user fail to wake-up or turn off the alarm.
  4. This feature is beneficial for people who cannot wake up quickly.


Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light
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An easy-to-use alarm clock equipped with snooze function, this Ok to wake clock would allow toddlers to get up on their own. All the kids’ alarm clocks available on the market are not customizable but this one is customizable. Parents can easily set the “OK to Wake”, brightness and time. Typically, it is found suitable for kids aged 3-5 years. For kids above 5 years of age, you can impart them on how to use an alarm clock.

Features of this Kid Alarm Clocks:

  1. In this Mirari alarm clock, the amusing toe buttons are capable to employ hilarious facial animations on the LCD.
  2. When operated in the OK to Wake mode, the color altering night-light timer imparts kids to stay in bed for a long time during the morning so their parents attain more sleep.
  3. Its dedicated “Nap Timer” enables the kids to attain afternoon napping without disturbing usual alarm and the night-light settings.


LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children’s Trainer, Alarm Clock
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An elegant patented designed alarm clock especially for kids, the corresponding brand is highly progressive and popular too. Basically, this kids’ trainer alarm clock packs in lots of features and modern design. In addition to its appealing structure, the device is delivered in a beautiful package. This beautiful package would convey delight to kids and parents anytime, anywhere.

Features of this Kid Alarm Clocks:

  1. It is possible to keep your children in bed longer and attain more sleep.
  2. Basically, MELLA utilizes colors and easy to understand facial expressions to impart the kids about bedtime and wake-up time.
  3. Prior to half an hour of wake up, the clock will emit yellow light, indicating that it is almost near to wake up and finally it turns green when the time reached to wake up.
  4. It comes with 3 sleep sound options as well as 5 night light colors in order to present soothing sleep to kids.


OUTWIT Kids Alarm Clock
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Showcased in the compact and adorable appearance, this OUTWIT alarm clock is exceptionally designed to be delightful. Its circular design and elegant appearance would refresh the mood of kids. It appears magnificent on your desk or nightstand, supplementing fabulous colors to the existing decor of your home. Sufficient light will be emitted and you can choose one among the different colors. Issues of kids waking up late in the morning will be now gone.

Features of this Kid Alarm Clocks:

  1. It comes with the 7 colors backlight that can be easily activated by a simple touch.
  2. There will be no problems to check the time in darkness without activating the light.
  3. The included soft light would generate a wonderful atmosphere as a lamp during the night.
  4. Its manufacturing is done by using the kids-friendly material like the high-quality ABS material that is safe for kids.
  5. So, parents can stay stress-free about safety concerns.


HomeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock
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Indicated by the name, this sophisticated alarm clock can wake you up easily at sunrise time. It is true that the nature-inspired sounds are delightful to start your day. The construction of this sunrise alarm clock boasts an easy to hit the snooze button in order to pause the alarm and deactivate the light as well as sound for 5 minutes. It’s working operation utilizes a warm LED light that steadily brightens 30 minutes prior to the alarm time to softly wake you up.

Features of this Kid Alarm Clocks:

  1. HomeLabs included a sleep timer with sunset replication to quietly dim the room.
  2. Moreover, it can also function in the form of a night light.
  3. With the assistance of the 8 decorative, colorful light options, this sunrise clock could function in the form of a table lamp or bedside lamp.
  4. During its operation, it would emit vibrant colors such as red, green, blue, yellow or purple to soothe the mood of kids.
  5. Right from adorable cartoon characters to shiny displays, several of these alarm clocks for kids benefit to provide peaceful night sleep.
  6. Also, they would provoke an intellect of personal responsibility and independence as the toddler grows up gradually.
  7. Kids will be fascinated to use them regularly due to their simple functioning and appealing design.

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