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Sleeping through the alarm clock is something just about everyone has done at least a couple of times. Yet, some of us may find it even more challenging to start the morning, hence welcome to our quest finding the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers.

With workdays getting longer, late nights becoming commonplace, and students cramming for their tests, it’s no surprise that heavy sleepers have risen in numbers over the years.

This has led a whole new generation of alarm clocks for deep sleepers. No more showing up to work late, missing important meetings or having to worry about whether you’ll wake up to the sound of your alarm.

There are many different things that come into play when it comes to set apart the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers from the rest. This includes how close it sits next to you, the tone that it uses to wake you, as well as what kind of senses it provokes to alert you.

We all are more or less receptive to different things and there is no one size that fits all the heavy sleepers. Hence, when shortlisting the top 10 alarm clocks for heavy sleepers in our review, we have considered sound, light, and physical (vibration) features to find a perfect fit for you.Table of Contentsshow


ImageDecibels / Type / USB Charger / Battery BackUp
Most Advanced – Philips SmartSleep HF3670/60One of the leaders among the best alarm clocks for deep sleepers in the premium segment. Not only does it help you wake up, but also to fall asleep using sophisticated and scientifically proven technology.Check Price
80 DbNoYesYes
Top Selling/Rated – Sonic Bomb SBB500SSThe top-selling, most popular and one of the loudest alarm clocks on the market. Boasts amazing value, adjustable tone & volume control, dual alarm and a powerful 12v bed vibration alarm.Check Price
113 DbYesYesNo
Analog – Peakeep 4 Twin Bell Alarm ClockHelps to fight the habit of hitting the snooze button by simply not having one. An elegant retro-style analog design with a silent-running clock and the disturbingly loud alarm will look nice in almost any home.Check Price
All-Purpose Alarm Clock & Radio – iLuv TimeShaker SuperThe ultimate all-in-one device that integrates radio, portable device charger, stereo sound and a bed shaker for an additional morning punch. It is one of the most refined, complete and definitely the loudest alarm clock for heavy sleepers we have ever tested.Check Price
123 DbYesYesYes
Most Alarm Modes – Clarity 600 Wake AssureThis clock is for anyone who needs a compact bedside alarm clock. And although the clock has few innovative options, it does clearly what it says on the box with a loud alarm and excellent shaker.Check Price
85 DbYesYesNo
Most Affordable – Travelwey Digital Alarm ClockThis is a great device to get kids out of bed. Thanks to its simple and robust body as well as large hours and minutes numbers, it can be used by all ages and seen from a distance away.Check Price
77 DbNoYesNo
Portable & Light Alarm Clock – Screaming Meanie 220A loud, “screaming” sound that is extremely portable and pocket friendly. It is crazy loud and glows in the dark making it a perfect choice for travel, trips or anyone on the move such as truck drivers.Check Price
120 DbNoNoNo
Runs Away – Clocky RollingThis clock is perfect for those who use the snooze button often. Better mostly for the younger generation of students or even kids, this clock will get them out of bed. Although it’s not extremely loud, it will wake most people from their slumber.Check Price
80 DbNoNoNo
Alarm Mat – RuggieThe Ruggie Alarm Clock is great for those who want a custom experience with their alarm and need to stand up to “wake up”. Better for those without pets that may wish to lay on the Ruggie and deactivate the alarm.Check Price
120 DbNoNoNo
Biggest and Brightest LCD – Lielongren Loud Alarm ClockGreat for couples or those looking for the all-in-one bedside setup with vibration alert, phone charging, and dual alarm clock. The minimalist design, relatively compact size and a large LCD would fit well any modern style bedroom.Check Price
85 DbYesYesYes


Sometimes going to extremes when it comes to waking up isn’t ideal as some may prefer a more gradual and more controlled wake-up routine.

Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wakeup Light offers a softer approach to your morning by simulating a sunrise and recreating a natural process of waking up.

Most other alternatives on the market use a bright white light to wake sleepers up in the morning, yet SmartSleep starts with a soft grapefruit orange light and then gradually changes to bright white light to prepare you for getting out of bed.

According to a study done by MetrixLab, Philips Wake-up Light users found it easier to wake up compared to other devices in the test. This means that not only were they able to wake up on a brighter side of the bed, but they were able to take on the day feeling more refreshed than those who weren’t using this alarm clock, which positively impacts health in general.

From controlling the intensity of the light to being able to set different weekday/weekend alarms, the number of options are exhaustive when you connect to it via its smartphone application.

To top it off, you can set different lighting patterns and sounds as well.

AmbiTrack sensors take the technology of this clock to a whole new level. The sensors will gather data from your bedroom’s temperature, noise level, lighting, and humidity. From there, it uses the acquired data to help suggest different ways that you can enhance your sleep experience every night.

If you want what seems to be one of the smarter options on the market, look no further. Philips Wake-up Light is the most sophisticated and the most advanced digital alarm clock for deep sleepers we have ever come across.

Lasts up to 8 hours on batteries
Bedroom sensor monitors room temp, etc
Clinically validated wake-up light
Customizable alarm, light, and sound
RelaxBreathe technology ensures better sleep
Can’t easily change to a new phone

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Being one of the loudest digital alarm clocks on the market has made the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock a preferred choice among many deep sleepers.

An average alarm clock can produce around 80 decibels while this Sonic Alert reaches staggering 113 decibels. That’s almost the sound level of an airplane taking off.

The Sonic Alert SBB500SS can wake you up in three different ways – sound, lights and vibrations which can be enabled independently.

Thanks to the strong vibrating alert from the bed-shaker, vividly flashing light and an adjustable tone – you have all the tools at your disposal to get you out of bed every morning.

While there’s not a silver bullet solution for heavy sleepers, the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock has set itself apart from the rest by making more Amazon customers happy than any other alarm clock for deep sleepers we have ever reviewed.

A single 9V battery provides you with a backup option in case the power goes out. However, the alarm does not go off as it requires AC power to be connected.

Backed by a 1-year warranty, it’s one of the most reliable devices of its kind and is available in a variety of colors.

The loudest compact alarm clock on the market
Dual alarm clock
Boasts lights and vibration alert
1-year warranty
Alarm is disabled on battery power

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The Peakeep 4 Twin Bell alarm clock brings a touch of retro style to your home.

The clock comes with an extra loud ring thanks to the twin bell hammer design, with no snooze function making it perfect for anyone who sleeps through mornings by hitting the snooze button.

The device comes with a backlight button and luminous hands so that you can see the time should you wake up in the night.

This retro-style analog alarm clock delivers intense levels of buzzing that can wake up a dead person.

It uses a single AA size battery and stands at almost 7 inches tall being able to fit on most shelves and bedside tables.

It does not tick when running, so you don’t have to worry if you can’t sleep with sounds in the background. And with the absence of the snooze button, the snooze abusers won’t have a problem getting up.

The alarm clock comes with three different styles, all with different faces and number styles from roman numerals to standard numeric clock faces.

If you are looking to buy a classic, analog, perhaps even retro-styled alternative to get you going in the morning – Peakeep 4 Twin Bell is one of the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers you can get.

Super-loud alarm sound
No Snooze button
Night-light button
Silent, no ticking noise
Feature poor

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The TimeShaker Super is a digital alarm clock that comes with a strong wired bed shaker.

The device comes with two stereo speakers built in, Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio and USB audio streaming.

It has been specifically designed for hearing impaired people and heavy sleepers with an integrated high-quality LCD that shows time, date and active alarms.

If you wanted to connect your phone to the alarm clock, you can, thanks to its Bluetooth & USB functionality.

The speakers presented on the front host a good audio experience, whether you’re playing FM radio of which you can save 10, or your own audio.

With five different ways to wake you up, either through the buzzer, FM radio, the bed shaker or combos of all three, you won’t have to worry about sleeping in.

You can select the LCD brightness from the 10 different setting levels or even dim the screen if necessary.

High-quality build
Large and clear LCD
Strong bed shaker
Multiple alarm functions
USB phone charger
Large device

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The Clarity 600 is a retro-looking alarm clock with a red on a black digital display that uses a buzzer and vibration alert to wake you up.

The “80s style” alarm clock hosts a simple set of controls to make it easy to use for anyone.

With simple alarm activation and auto snooze function for those who might not wake the first time, the device makes for easy operation.

Built into the device is a lamp, making this specific alarm clock double as a bed-side light and a clock should you choose.

On each side of the alarm clock is a dial, one adjusts the volume of the alarm and the other is to adjust the power of the bed shaker.

The alarm clock itself is relatively small, with the screen being only 2 inches tall. If you don’t have much space, this clock may be a perfect fit.

Although looking like something out of the 1980s, it functions and does what it was designed to do extremely well. The alarm itself is only 5 DB louder than most other alternatives on the market, but the bed shaker has some real punch and is sure to wake you.

Overall, Clarity 600 Wake Assure may not win any beauty contests, but years of reliable and time tested service has proved it to be one of the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers on the market.

Compact, takes little room
Adjustable alarm volume and bed shaker’s intencity
3 modes of alarm
Reliable and time tested alarm performance
Boring and dated aesthetic
Owners manual leaves some confused

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The Travelwey Digital Alarm Clock is a 2-in-1 night light and alarm clock combo.

The device is focused on simplicity to ensure that even small children can use it.

There are two buttons on the top of the alarm clock, one for a 9-minute snooze and another for the night light.

You also get five settings whereby you can adjust the volume of the alarm, dim the numbers on the face of the unit, set time or alarm and turn it on or off.

The digital alarm clock comes with a battery backup should you have a power outage, which most alarm clocks in this price range do not have.

The night light included is surprisingly bright and is turned on by the simple press of a button.

The alarm gets up to 75 Db on the “high” setting which is not the loudest on our list, but quite reasonable given how affordable this unit it.

The face of the alarm clock boasts a large LCD that makes the numbers easy to read even for visually impaired individuals. You can adjust the brightness according to your preferences or even dim the numbers if they appear too intrusive at night.

Bright wake-up lights
Clear, large and dimmable display
Can be used by small children
Battery backup
Great value
Only one alarm sound

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This slightly strangely designed alarm clock is a favorite pick for truck drivers thanks to its compact size and extremely loud 120 Db siren-like sound.

It has a sturdy build that can survive a 30-foot drop and comes in a range of different colors, from green to yellow.

It is remarkably simple to use through an easy countdown timer interface or clock. Featuring a lock button to ensure it can’t be tampered with by accident.

The device solely relies on a single 9V battery and has a display indicator to track the charge level so running out of power should never be a surprise.

At 6 inches tall and only 2.5 inches wide Screaming Meanie is extremely compact and can easily fit into your pocket.

The sound produced is equal to that of a chainsaw at close range. There are three intensity levels to choose from – 70, 90 and 120 DB which can be interchanged.

Screaming Meanie lacks an aesthetic appeal with the looks that have not changed much since the 1980s, which makes it unique at the same time. However, given its reliable and time tested performance, it remains amongst the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers, truck drivers and anyone who requires portability.

Ideal for road truckers
Easy to carry around
3 loudness settings
Durable build
Small display
Not too visually-appealing

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Clocky is an alarm clock that runs away from you when its time to get up, literally.

This “personal R2D2,” will roll away and hide as soon as you hit the snooze button. Hence, before you can hit the snooze again, you’d have to get out and find Clocky.

Available in six different colors – White, Blue, Green, Gold, Red, and Pink – Clocky can fit in at any home.

The feature-rich yet simplistic device has two rubber wheels on a sturdy frame with a small central LCD showing the time.

It allows you to set a snooze time between 1 to 8 minutes, which you can only use once (or turn snooze off). After the first snooze is up, Clocky will run away making you chase it to stop the alarm.

The device itself operates using four AAA size batteries, which are not included in the box.

It makes a “beeping” sound that is loud enough to wake most people from deep sleep without too much hassle.

Clocky can be placed on a bedside table or a surface safely. It is designed to safely fall from up to 3 feet and land on its impact proof rubber wheels. 

Cool and fun concept of clock running away from you
Versatile and sturdy build
Variety of colors
Great pick for anyone trying to break the snoozing habit
Not suitable for less mobile people

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Ruggie is not your conventional alarm clock in every sense you can imagine.

Coming in the form of a rug which is placed at your bedside, the mat only stops ringing after you get out of bed and step on it.

With a minimalistic and slim design, Ruggie won’t look out of place sitting by the side of your bed and is available in blue, grey or white.

The memory foam surface of the alarm clock molds to your feet as you stand on it and the small LED numbers show the time in the top-left corner of the mat.

When Ruggie begins to ring, it won’t stop playing the alarm until you stand on it for three seconds. If you find yourself just crawling back into bed, it can be extended to 30 seconds.

The sounds that can be played through Ruggie are done so via USB, so you can upload your own music, sounds or MP3 files to the device for a totally personal experience. 

If your floors are slippery, Ruggie has a rubber bottom that prevents slipping.

As for the vocal performance, you can adjust the volume between 90 and 120 decibels to better fit your wake-up routine.

Slim profile and minimalistic design
High-grade materials
Personalized alarm sounds
The only option that has worked for some deep sleepers
Display is too small and too bright

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This modern and sleek looking device fits in comfortably in any household. Paired with a bed shaker and two USB fast chargers for an all-in-one bedside device.

It presents a clean and minimalist 7-inch LCD with large numbers to ensure that the time can be seen from the distance.

The volume gets all the way to 85 DB, which is pretty loud. In addition, the vibration alert has three modes which can be interchanged between vibrations, buzzer, or both.

The cable on the bed shaker is six feet long, allowing ample distance between your bed and the clock.

Lielongren clock’s alarm function can be changed to be set to wake you on weekdays, weekends or every day with a snooze function to use at your leisure, which can be adjusted between 0 and 15 extra minutes.

This loud dual alarm clock allows setting up separate wake-up alarm schedules and has red indicators on the right side of the unit to clearly see which alarm is enabled and which is not.

Dual alarm clock setting
Long bed shaker cable
Modern looks and simple functions
Includes fast-charging USB ports
Large, clear and highly visible numbers
Batteries not included

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Getting the right alarm clock for yourself is crucial as it is part of the morning routine that sets up the tone for the rest of the day. Most of the time, the experience of getting out of bed gets carried with us and affects the things we do throughout the day.

Brushing your teeth is also part of the morning routine, hence picking the top-rated electric toothbrush to kick off your day is equally important.

To summarize our alarm clock review – Clocky and Ruggie both require you to leave bed to deactivate the alarm, so if you struggle with the Snooze button abuse, those are the two great picks to consider.

The Peakeep 4 is a classic alarm clock with an antique look, boasting a fantastically loud ring.

But if the main thing you’re focusing on is loudness, the standout champion has to be the Screaming Meanie 220 which has been tested in industrial environments and sounds as loud as a chainsaw.

Those who are looking for a solution to the bedside table, the Lielongren loud alarm clock is a great choice to consider.

Lastly, if you are looking for a complete solution that has scientifically proven to deliver a better sleep and improve health – Philips Sleep and WakeUp Light is not to be missed. It helps you both fall asleep and wake up in a natural, gradual fashion that prepares your body for a smoother morning. The downside is, like with all premium products, the hefty price tag that you’ll need to wear.

Although all of the above do a great job, there are a few that stand out above all others. Depending on if you’re looking for a modern clock with innovative options or a classic “bell” alarm clock, we’ve covered it for you.



The volume of the alarm clock is important. If your mobile phone isn’t working for you at an average of 70 decibels, then you should be looking for an alarm with a higher decibel reading.


If you’re an abuser of the snooze function, chances are you should be looking for an alarm clock that doesn’t allow you to snooze and instead “forces” you to wake up.


Although some may find it uncomfortable, the bed shaker is often a good option for those who fail to hear and wake up to the traditional alarm sound. Most of the time, it makes sense to place it under your pillow, yet having it next to you on a mattress could also do the trick. It is intentionally designed to use physical movement to “shake you awake”.


Some alarms require you to leave the bed to disable the alarm. Sure, you could just leave your phone on the other side of the room, but would you be reading this if that was working?

Some alternatives highlighted in this article require you to stand for some time or even chase the clock around your room before stopping the alarm!

Other alternatives found in a premium segment can simulate a sunrise, preparing the body and recreating the natural behaviour of waking up.


LCD is a key part of any clock. If you can’t read what the face of your unit that displays hours and minutes, there is little point in having one in the first place. We’ve got a few good picks for anyone requiring extra-large numbers or an extra bright LCD on our top 10 list.

At the same time, some people need complete darkness to sleep. Luckily, most units on our list allow you to dim and even shut off the screen. Usually, a conventional alarm clock is better for these people.


If you’re in an area that is prone to power outages, then you need a clock that can run on batteries. The downside is that those devices may run out of power but they are portable, which could be one of the primary factors to consider for some heavy sleepers. Which brings me on to the next point…


If you do a lot of business or leisure travel, work as a truck driver then a portable alarm clock is a must. If your phone doesn’t cut it, we’ve got a few super loud, portable alternatives in our top 10 list.


If you’re someone who loves features or wants an all-in-one solution to their bedside table, it’s important to consider extra options like multiple alarms, USB charging, Bluetooth streaming and more. Some top-end bedside alarms come with mobile app integration and smart capabilities that help you to fall asleep, track your sleeping patterns and help you wake up by simulating a sunrise.


Having a super loud alarm clock can change your world. If you’re someone who often sleeps through alarms, then considering the volume of your alarm clock is important.

Cellphones can deliver up to 70 decibels of a morning punch, yet if that doesn’t cut it, it might be a good time to get an upgrade that is louder.

The benefits of super loud alarm clocks are quite straightforward and obvious. With a simple volume increase, your alarm clock can send a rush of adrenaline first thing in the morning and force you out of bed.


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