This is what happened when Dyson engineers spent 24 hours developing intelligent machines

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The challenge for Dyson’s engineering team: design and develop an intelligent machine based on one of the following themes: The Connected Home, Gamification of Dyson Products or Accessibility through Usability. And do it all in 24 hours.

The challenge for the Dyson vacuum engineers took place in Dyson’s Research, Design and Development hubs T Hullavington in the UK and Singapore and involved 200 hardware and mechanical engineers who teamed up with their software and electronics counterparts. There were 33 teams in all.

The idea was to focus the mind on connectivity, AI, machine learning and smart navigation systems. You can see the result in the video below.

On average the engineers slept for just two hours during the event (ouch), wrote over 6,000 lines of code, and consumed more than 500 energy drinks (that doesn’t seem that many to us!).

The winning group modified a Dyson CSYS light, by augmenting its motors drive mechanism, connecting these to an Arduino board and programming it to transfer data to the light. The result meant that the machine could register and draw highly detailed images, including a portrait of Jake Dyson himself.

 Other projects included smart home sensory systems able to detect individuals within different rooms and virtual reality worlds which used 3D imagery mapping from pictures taken by a drone.

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