This Netgear mesh Wi-Fi system just got a massive pre Black Friday price cut on Amazon


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Mesh WiFi networks offer fantastic coverage that you don’t just get through a single router. With kids on devices upstairs and the parents dotted around the house, mesh wifi uses satellite nodes to create, ideally, flawless coverage throughout the entire house. 

Among the very best mesh WiFi systems on the market is Netgear – it’s so good, in fact, that we gave it a T3 award – which is why this stunning Netgear Orbi Home Mesh WiFi SystemFriday deal at Amazon has caught our attention. It’s almost as if the Black Friday deals had arrived early.

It’s so good as you get the Netgear Orbi Home Mesh WiFi System, which delivers not just the Orbi mesh router but the Orbi Voice as well, which doubles as an awesome smart speaker and Amazon Alexa-connected device in addition to a satellite designed to boost WiFi signals. There are even additional ethernet cables from both devices for wired connections. 

Why buy three devices when you can get them together in one? Well, four devices, really, as both router and Orbi Voice are bundled together for £349.99 – a flat saving of £79.01. It’s a no-brainer.

Netgear Orbi Home Mesh WiFi System and Orbi Voice |
was £429.00 | now only £349.99 at Amazon
Mesh WiFi systems are absolutely brilliant at not only delivering high-speed, high-reliability WiFi coverage, but also at eradicating any dead spots in your home network.

One of the very best mesh networks on the market is Netgear Orbi, which includes the Orbi router and the Orbi Voice satellite WiFi extender/smart speaker combo. Couple that coverage with Alexa-integrated music and smart speaker tech, and you get the best coverage possible while minimising the number of devices you need in your home.

You get the best Orbi mesh WiFi package that Netgear offers with an 18% discount, picking it up for £349.99 instead of £429.00. Truly a whole home, long-lasting WiFi solution, now available at an incredibly attractive price point.View Deal

In our full Netgear Orbi review, we said that “the system was incredibly easy to set up, and it’s been rock solid ever since. There’s even great performance when several devices are using data at once.”

This really is a great deal if you are currently in the market for a new router or WiFi system, and especially so if you have large home that struggles to be filled coverage-wise by your existing system. 

Already hooked up to the Orbi network? You can even pick up the Orbi Voice on its own at a £49.91 discount, for a total price of £229.99. Check out the full deal below.

Netgear Orbi Voice smart speaker and WiFi extender |
was £279.90 | now only £229.99 at Amazon
The Netgear Orbi mesh Wi-Fi system has been busy banishing internet dead zones for years now, but the Orbi Voice smart speaker combines a satellite wireless access point with an Alex-enabled music hub.

The satellite is now on sale for a £49.91 discount, a chunky 18% saving great for the existing Orbi user looking to upgrade.View Deal

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