Top 10 Best Wall Clocks for Living Room in 2020

Top 10 Best Wall Clocks for Living Room in 2020

Wall clock has been exiting for a long time until now. It is one of the requirements of every living room, kitchen or an office and it’s good to look for a clock that complements perfectly with walls, cabinet hardware and other fixtures in the room. In this article, we have come up with the ultimate list of Top 10 Best Wall Clocks for Living Room in 2020 for you

Best Wall Clocks for Living Room Buyers Guide

  • Ticking or Silent: If you are searching for Wall Clock, you must consider the noise that you are willing to bear with. Some individuals like clocks that tick for it to sooth them while others like clocks that are silent for it not to disturb them. Most of the time, silent clocks are perfect for the bedroom, living room, classrooms and more.
  • Accuracy and Battery Life: The clock that keeps accurate time is perfect compared to the one that will give inaccurate time. If you are the person who needs to be very accurate about the time, you need to find a clock that is more accurate even the seconds. Battery life usually plays a very important part when it comes to accuracy. You do not have to reset the time or change the batteries repeatedly.
  • Design and Construction: A lot of wall clocks are made of plastic, nevertheless, whenever you are searching for something that blends seamlessly with the room’s décor, look for a wall clock that is made of wood. Wood clocks are usually stylish compared to the plastic clocks. Ideally, if you are placing to purchase a wall clock to be used at the outdoors, look for the one that is waterproof and dustproof. Look for the one that is made of durable materials and have a stylish look.

Best Wall Clocks for Living Room in 2020


10. CGGGHY Stylish Modern Living Room Wall Clock

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Are you looking for a decorative wall clock that comes with an affordable price? CGGGHY stylish wall clock is ideal for you. It is usually powered by AA battery and it is usually quiet clock thus you can sleep without any disturbance. In addition to that, it has a simple design thus it can fit well with any home décor.

It comes with a hook thus it can be perfectly be hanged on the walls of your living rooms, dining rooms, office, kitchen or conference room. Furthermore, it has Arabic numerals that are large enough for easy reading.


  • Elegant silver plastic frame,
  • The perfect clock for hanging indoors and outdoors
  • Battery operated 12888 quartz movements
  • Easy to read
  • Perfect Slim Rectangular Design

9. Stone and Beam Vintage Style Decorative 32 Inches Metal Wall Clock 

By: Stone and Beam

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Stone and Beam Vintage Metal Wall Clock is a Stylish wall clock that you can use for office space, bedroom or living room. The roman numerals are crafted from metal and wood to bring rustic texture to this clock. It has a 32 inches diameter and has a black finished iron that provides it with a contemporary industrial touch. Following this, the timekeeper will blend perfectly with any room thus you can hang over at any place.

This amazing clock has large roman numerals that make it easy to read when you are at any corner of the room. It also comes with a pocket-friendly price.


  • Matches with any style room
  • Roman numerals crafted from metal and wood
  • 32″ diameter
  • Comes ready to hang

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8. Verona Clocks- Best Pendulum Battery Operated Silent Wall Clock

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In a living room, you do not want a clock just to show you the time, it should also be ideal and complement with your home décor.  With Verona Clocks, their mission is to provide a high-quality clock that will bring beauty to your home. This clock is made with high-quality materials thus it will last for a long time.

This clock usually measures 27×11.5×4.75 inches and it is carved with precision working quiet and silent all the time. On top of that, it has wall hanging hooks that will make it easy to hang on the wall. It is ideal for any office or home


  • Made of beautiful and elegant wood clock
  • Perfect for any large or small room
  • Finely-crafted Verona Clock
  • Thick Quality Glass Covering
  • Beautiful Design That Looks Great in Any Room

7. KI Store Decorative Silent Wall Clocks for Living Room

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A beautiful design wall clock is known for its effect as it usually creates in different places. KI Store Wall Clocks for Living Room is has a vintage rustic looking design that is attractive and blends perfectly with any home decoration. It is perfect for bathroom, bedroom, living room and more. On top of that, it is completely silent without any kind of tick-tick motion

This clock is usually made with extra thicken Wooden MDF that makes it firm and it is moisture resistant thus it will serve you for many years.  Moreover, it is included with two hooks that are used to hang it on the walls.


  • Battery powered wall clock
  • Well protective package
  • Better quality blue wall clocks.
  • Vintage wall clock decorative
  • Completely silent

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6. Foxtop 12 inch Non-Ticking Quartz Modern Wall Clock

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Some clocks have a sound of continuous clicking that can disturb people in a serious conversation. Thanks to Foxtop as they have designed this Modern Wall Clock that is silent as it has a precise quartz sweep movement giving you absolutely silent environment and accurate time. It is also made with rose gold color that is ideal to decorate your bathroom, bedroom, classroom or even living room.

It has large numbers that are clear to read and the front t is covered with a glass cover that will provide a perfect view as well as keeping the dust away. The clock also comes with a hook for easy hanging


  • Sleek and Elegant Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Rose gold color frame
  • Silent wall clock with large numbers
  • Easy hanging

5. DreamSky 13 1/2 Inch Living Room Extra Large Wall Clock

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Our next Wall Clock comes from DreamSky, it is a clock that is ideal in places that accurate timekeeping is required such as classroom, nursery, office, living room and more. This clock has a smooth continuous-sweep hand movement thus it will create a quiet environment in your home. Ideally, this Wall Clock has a large Arabic numeral that shows hours and minute tracker that will make you see when you are at any corner of the room.

This elegantly designed clock has a satin finish that will complement with your room décor. Fixing this clock has been made simple as it is made with a hanger


  • Simple yet elegant design
  • The perfect clock for home
  • High-grade glass lens crystal
  • Extra-large 13.5 inches wall clock
  • Installation is simple

4. SkyNature 14 Inch Colorful Home Decor Clock

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This is a stylishly designed clock that is made with several patterns and it is going to meet all your requirements. You are only needed to choose the pattern that complements with your home décor. It is a great gift for house-warming, anniversaries, weddings and more, in addition to that, it is made with modern wooden MDF material offering a vintage style decoration

The clock is usually free from annoying tick-tock and can be used even in areas that require extra concentration such as classroom, dining room as well as reading rooms. Consequently, this clock is easy to install as it comes with a hanging hook


  • Easy to hang
  • Great decorative for home
  • Large Arabic numerals and colorful dial
  • Best gift for friends or family.
  • Precise quartz movements

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3. Plumeet Large Number 13 inches Wall Clock (Black)

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A Plumeet13 inch is non-ticking Wall Clock that has large stereoscopic 3D intuitive numeric numbers enabling you easy to read when you are at any corner of the room. It usually gives you accurate time all the time and the sweep second hand is very quiet guarantying you to have a good working or sleeping environment.

Ideally installing this wall clock is very easy as it comes with installing kit. All you are required to do is to put a small nail on the hook and hang the clock on the wall. If you will be unhappy with the clock because of some certain reasons, you can return it within 90 days after purchase.


  • Eye-catching numeric
  • Easy install
  • Plumeet large wall clock advantage
  • Super silent
  • 365-day quality guarantee

2. Seiko Wall Pendulum Dark Brown Clock

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Seiko Wall clock is made with a schoolhouse style design thus it is perfect at areas that you need more concentration. It is made with a dark brown hard oak case that makes sure that the clock is durable and will look elegant when placed at your sitting room or any other place. Furthermore, it is covered by a Curved glass crystal ensuring that it is dustproof

The dimensions of this clock are 23 inches x 14 inches x 5 inches thus it is large enough for everyone to see the time when he/she is at any corner in the room.


  • Curved glass crystal
  • Dark brown solid oak case
  • Schoolhouse style clock design
  • Pendulum style

1. Adalene Large 13 Inch Non-Ticking Decorative Silent Wall Clock

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Here comes our first wall clock in this list. It is one of the best-selling wall clocks in the market at is loaded with a lot of features. It is made of scratch-resistant and shatter-proof acrylic crystal cover that is dustproof. The second hand has no humming sound thus it shows the clock completely silent

Another feature that most customers love with this clock is that it has Black Arabic numerals that are easy to read even when you are some few meters away from the clock. This makes it ideal for hanging both indoors and outdoors and will give decorative walls in your room


  • Completely silent
  • Shatter-proof and scratch-resistant
  • Modern looking clock
  • Perfect clock for hanging indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to read


We have listed the top 10 Best Wall Clocks for Living Room for you. All of them are easy to install on the walls and will add some beautiful décor in your living room Grab one now as they are best-selling wall clocks and they can be sold out fast.

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