Top 10 Best Wooden Alarm Clock Reviews in 2020

Wooden Alarm Clock Reviews

People can easily read most wooden alarm clocks through the digital LED display, which is bright during the day and dark at night. They are equipped with a large number of numbers to easily set the preferred time and date. Surprisingly, these wooden alarm clocks not only display the time, but also the temperature, day of the week and humidity. In addition, they have a variety of colors and prices to meet various needs and budgets. So, why not take a look at the following review of the top ten best wooden alarm clocks of 2020 to bring back the best alarm clocks of all time?

How to find the Best Wooden Alarm Clock

The following are some of the factors we considered to come up with in this compilation. They will help you narrow down to the best alarm clock. Take a look.

  • Adjustable Brightness: The best wooden alarm clock should allow you to adjust its brightness depending on your requirements. This is because there are times when you want the display so bright while other times you just want it so dim. Therefore, consider alarm clocks with more brightness modes to let you select as preferred.
  • Loudness: When shopping for the best wooden alarm clock, ensure that it is loud enough to wake up even the deepest sleeper. The last thing you want is to end up with an alarm clock that does not make you feel like opening your eyes. So, the louder the alarm clock, the better.
  • Does It Have Other Functions?: Although you are primarily buying an alarm clock to set alarms, you would so much appreciate a clock that does more, right? Therefore, you should consider an alarm clock that shows time, date, temperature, and humidity, among others. This will give you more value for your money than an alarm clock that only shows time.
    Now, take a look at some of the best wooden alarm clocks that made it to our list.

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10. Luckymore Wood Alarm Clock

10. Luckymore Wood Alarm Clock

Set clocks for meetings, travels or homework with the Luckymore Wood Alarm Clock. This unit has 3 groups of alarms settable simultaneously for ultimate convenience. It shows date, temperature, and time in 12/24 display format. There is an automatic smart brightness adjustable between day and night. This cock will let you adjust the brightness through bright, medium and micro-light, depending on your preference. What’s more, it operates on dual power system; USB power cable or 4 AAA batteries, meaning it will always be on at all times.

9. A&L Wood Alarm Clock

9. A&L Wood Alarm Clock

Constructed with a dual power supply system, the A&L Wood Alarm Clock operates on a USB charger or 4 AAA batteries (not included). This clock is equipped with an LED display, which can be adjusted between low, bright, and medium to help protect your eyes. It is multifunctional to show time, temperature, and date. The clock has a power-saving mode that enables the screen to go off after 15s. Besides, it comes in a sleek wooden color that will blend in nicely on your desk.

8. Raercodia Wooden Alarm Clock

8. Raercodia Wooden Alarm Clock

With a modern decorative design, the Raercodia Wooden Alarm Clock is an eye-catching decoration for your home or office. It is a multifunctional alarm clock that displays information on time, humidity, temperature, date, and year. Thus, it is a suitable alarm clock for setting daily reminders for wakeup, travel, cooking, and meetings. This clock comes with 3 display adjustment modes including dim, medium and bright for you to choose from depending on your mood. And it is equipped with an LED number display to allow you to see the time clearly even when it is totally dark.

7. Idealin Wooden Alarm Clock

7. Idealin Wooden Alarm Clock

For an affordable alarm clock that is multifunctional while serving as an elegant decoration item in your home or office, consider the Idealin Wooden Alarm Clock. It is constructed of durable materials to offer extra durability and longevity. The brightness of this alarm clock is not just adjustable; it changes automatically as well. This alarm clock can allow you to set 3 different alarms at the same time, so you don’t miss any event. Furthermore, it operates on a dual power supply to ensure the clock is always running no matter the situation.

6. HaloVa Alarm Clock

6. HaloVa Alarm Clock

The HaloVa Alarm Clock has a natural wood craftsmanship that makes it a great decoration for your room. It comes with a built-in lamp, so it functions as a night lamp to let you see the time clearly at night. This alarm clock has a silence design, enabling it to work without clicks to give you a peaceful sleeping and working environment. It is battery operated and runs on 1 AA battery for added convenience.

5. Lyker Digital Alarm Clock – Preferred

5. Lyker Digital Alarm Clock - Preferred

To ensure your alarm operates at all times even when there is a sudden power outage, the Lyker Digital Alarm Clock runs on a dual power supply. These include USB cable and 4 AAA batteries for maximum convenience. This alarm clock supports both the 12 and 24-hour clock systems, so you can select the time format that you like the most. It is easy to use; thanks to the digital LED display that shows time, date, temperature, and humidity. The clock has 3 display modes to allow you to choose the most preferred display, depending on your mood. Moreover, it runs quietly with no ticking sound to ensure you have a peaceful sleep.

4. Oct17 Wooden Clock – Preferred

4. Oct17 Wooden Clock - Preferred

Available in a variety of colors, the Oct17 Wooden Clock matches perfectly with any modern designed home or office. It is lightweight, portable and measures 4.5 x 3 x 3 inches, making it ideal for bringing with you when traveling. The clock has a simple design with no buttons or plastic parts. As a result, it makes one of the best cool alarm clocks in the industry right now. It has an LED display that shines through the wooden finish for easy reading of time. Besides, this clock operates mainly when plugged into a cable power, and it is backed up by 4 AAA batteries for added convenience.

3. VANDORA Digital Alarm Clock – Preferred

3. VANDORA Digital Alarm Clock - Preferred

Crafted with 7 different brightness settings, the VANDORA Digital Alarm Clock will let you adjust the brightness according to your needs. It has a soft light displayed in the low mode that avoids dazzling brightness to let you sleep without interference. This clock shows the day of the week, date, temperature, and time in 12 and 24-hour format. It comes with 2 types of alarms that are settable at the same time to wake you up even from the deepest sleep. Furthermore, the alarm clock can operate on either USB power cable or 4 AA batteries for better performance

2. Warmhoming Digital Alarm Clock – Preferred

2. Warmhoming Digital Alarm Clock - Preferred

Never miss out on important dates and meetings; simply get yourself the Warmhoming Digital Alarm Clock. This unit is made of durable MDF and PVC, making it aesthetically appealing to uplift the charm of any modern space. It is equipped with 7 different levels of brightness, so you can gradually adjust as preferred. This alarm clock can be powered by a USB cable or 4 AA batteries depending on your situation and preference. Besides, it has a soft lighting that doesn’t hurt the eyes, and this makes it suitable for use at night.

1. Warmhoming New Style Wooden Clock

1. Warmhoming New Style Wooden Clock

Add style and mood to your home or office by getting yourself the Warmhoming New Style Wooden Clock. The MDF wood digital display shows temperature, date, and time much clearer. With this clock, you can set up to 3 different alarms so you never miss any event. It is equipped with energy saving mode, enabling any touch to the clock to light up the display. The clock can be powered by USB cable or 3 AAA batteries based on your situation and preference. Moreover, it comes in a nice shape and wood texture to bring the breath of nature into your room.

It is not a guarantee that you will wake up naturally early every morning. That is why you should consider an alarm clock. And the best place to start is here where we have listed the above wooden clocks. They are digital and electric to give you the best performance. Plus they are very affordable; hence, you won’t have to dig deep into your pockets just to have one.

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