Top 10 Digital Alarm Clocks In 2020

Top 10 alarm clocks

10. Travelwey Digital LED Alarm Clock

If you want a simplified, yet highly functional alarm clock that works, then this product is something that you might want to consider. It comes with a brilliant LED display that you can see clearly, along with the dimmable light for the time displayed. Then, with just one tap of the button found on top, you can instantly activate the night light. This way, you will have no problem with the light disturbing your sleep. As for the alarm sounds, this can go from low to high volume. To make it even better, you can hit the snooze button for an additional 9 minutes if you want to sleep some more.

However, we are not very pleased with the fact that it is necessary to manually switch the on and offsetting of the alarm found on the back. This is missing a disable button, which can be a little inconvenient.  Get it now on

9. RCA Large Display Digital Alarm Clock

What we like most about this digital alarm clock by RCA is the simple elegance of its appearance and features. The interface is user-friendly, and there is a 1.4-inch large display of the time to make it easy for us to read it without having to walk close to it. There are also control buttons that are a no-brainer to activate including the snooze setting found on the top part. It is also never a hassle to set the alarm or the time, so we can get it ready according to our needs.

If we can recommend some improvements to this clock, though, we would like an option to make the alarm sound less loud than it is. There is just one setting for the loudness, and it is quite disturbing for those whom you may be sharing a room with. Other than this flaw, the rest seems to be working perfectly well. Get it now on

8. ZHPUAT 4.6-Inch Alarm Clock with Backlight and Dimmer

We like to think of this alarm clock as quite Zen because of its clean, clutter-free, and simple design for the display. You can customize the brightness of the backlight as you wish, so it is possible to set it as very bright to dim. Manual or automatic adjustment of the brightness may be done, and you can even set it to a constant off, high, or low. As for other elements to this clock, there is the on-screen info such as the alarm setting, indoor temperature, date, and month. Depending on your preference, you may set the time shown to either a 12- or 24-hour mode. What’s more, the snooze button is easy to find and activate.

Although it is possible to adjust the brightness of the display, we are not very happy with the amount of contrast there is. This makes it tough to read the time when we are a foot away from the clock. It would be great if sufficient contrast is available to make this clock truly user-friendly. Get it now on

7. Philips Digital Tuning Radio Clock AJ3116M/37

There are so many things that we appreciate about this clock radio by Philips. The fact that it allows us to wake up to our preferred buzzer sound or radio tune is great since it makes us enjoy the alarm instead of dread it. This adds to our overall feeling when we wake up each day to the sound of the alarm. There is also an option to repeat the alarm for an extra snooze when necessary. As an extra feature, there is a dual alarm setting, so it is possible to set two different alarms for you and another person.

We like the controls and easy it is to adjust them, as well as the dual alarm. However, the user’s manual is a little difficult to deal with because of the small font size. Get it now on

6. ZHPUAT Digital Morning Clock with Backlight and Low-Light Sensor

Dimming the light of the display is possible and easy to do, so it can go from just dimmed or very dark. So, if you are having a hard time sleeping because of the slightest hint of light on the clock, then this functionality should meet your needs. Also, there are the basic features that are found in most alarm clocks such as the date, time, and temperature. Just be aware of the fact that the beeping tends to go on overtime, which can certainly wake you up. As for the snooze, this is good for 5 minutes only.

This is a good alarm clock that comes with all the essential features to make it very functional. However, we have observed that the LCD display tends to be invisible when viewed from a bottom angle over 10 degrees, which means placing it in an area much higher than your location is not ideal. Get it now on

5. RCA Digital Alarm Clock

We like the night light feature of this digital alarm clock. But more than that, there is a switch to make the light dimmer to prevent it from being uncomfortably bright. There are large numbers for the display, which makes it easy for us to read the time. Yet at the same time, the clock is just the right size, so there is no issue such as having less desk space. With a backup power source such as a 9-volt battery, even if the power goes off for a second, there is no need to reset the time on your clock.

One thing we are not completely satisfied with this clock is the lack of up and down control or button for setting the time. So, you have to go through the entire cycle again if you miss a minute or an hour. Get it now on

4. Timex Dual Alarm Clock T128B6

When it comes to functionality and ease of use, we like how we can adjust the brightness level for this alarm clock. The nightlight and the numbers can both be dimmed or turned up bright according to our needs. What’s more, we like it that the display does not flash on and off in a constant manner, which is common with other digital alarm clocks. As an extra feature, we can charge our phone using this clock in a quick and easy way. Aesthetically, the clock’s design is attractive and quite practical, so it suits our needs.

But if we can recommend some improvements on the clock, it would be the beeping sound each time we set the alarm. The confirmation sound is loud and disturbing, which can be annoying to listen to. Then, the other buttons with the exception of the snooze button tend to be too close together. Get it now on

3. Mesqool AM/FM Digital Projection Alarm Radio Clock

This handy and lightweight alarm clock does not fall short on functionality. It features a 180-degree swivel design that allows us to view the time easily from the display. There is also a radio tuner, which is great whenever we want to listen to music and radio shows. Switching from the AM to the FM band is very easy, as well as in selecting the channel. With the 1.8-inch large display, it is never a problem to read the time. We can even adjust the brightness of the display to make it as dim or bright as we want.

A few complaints that we have about this clock, though. First, the numbers have kind of awkward spacing that impacts the ease of reading the time. There is also an issue with the radio speaker, which is a little on the tinny side. Get it now on

2. Electrohome Alarm Clock with Radio and Battery Backup EAAC601

We can be sure that each time we need to wake up at a certain time, this alarm clock will never let us down. It offers maximum convenience, aesthetic appeal, and reliability that make it a highly functional clock. Plus, setting the date and time is easy, and there is no need to reset it even if there is a blackout because of the backup power source. Packed with a number of features such as the backlit LCD, dimming settings, MP3 music player, and option to hook it to your smartphone to play music, this is a great alarm clock that is a true value for your money.

Just one thing that may be worth looking into with this clock is the display light. It is quite bright even when placed in the dim option. Having it a little dimmer would certainly be a great improvement. Get it now on

1. Electrohome EAAC470 Alarm Clock Radio

Topping our list of the best alarm clocks in the market today is this one by Electrohome. It offers the functionality of an alarm clock and a phone charger in one. Setting the date and time is easy because of the Advanced SelfSet technology, and there is a WakeUp backup sound using the battery in case there is a power outage. With a large, bright, yet dimmable display, you can set the brightness of the time shown based on your preference whether it is high, low, medium, or off.

We would like to suggest having an ambient light detector that can automatically select the brightness suitable for your environment. Also, it would be nice if the buzzer has a volume setting for more customization. Get it now on

These are our best digital alarm clocks in 2019 reviews. You see, there are dozens of available products in the market under this category, but our hand-picked items are truly the best among the rest. We hope you could check these out for a great purchase that you would not regret.

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