Top 5 most creative alarm clocks

Best Creative Alarm Clock

Do you struggle every morning to wake up on time?
Are you bored of the same old alarm clock?
Do you want to get up in the morning without being jarred awake by a noisy alarm?
Luckily, we don’t have to put up with the same old alarms.  Here are 5 different iPhone Alarm clocks, which can not only wake you up right away but can do so in creative ways.

Top 5 Creative iPhone Alarms

SpeakToSnooze Pro

Nominated Reason: Voice Control

Advertisements for this app on iTunes claim: “Control the alarm without touching the phone or opening your eyes!” I’m a lazy person, especially on winter mornings. If I can say “Snooze Alert” to stop the nasty alert, then I go all out. With this app, you can communicate with your phone, set the alarm to “snooze” or ask what time it is just by talking to your phone.


Wake N Shake

Reason for nomination: you must shake it before you can close it

it only way to shut it down is to shake the iPhone crazy. No snooze button. You cannot decrease the volume. This is an alert without mercy. This is a harsh but effective way to wake people up. I can guarantee that the application will work properly after installation and will work normally in the early morning half an hour.


Mission Alarm Clock

Reason for nomination: completed

Think about it, your alarm clock is screaming, and you helplessly reach out your hand out of the warm blanket just to stop it before falling asleep again. This is too easy, which may be why many people are late or rushed out to work in the morning. However, with this application, the only way to stop this screaming monster is to open your eyes and concentrate on tasks such as math and shaking.


Sol: Sun Clock

Nominated: Best Travel Tool

I’m going to Thailand next week, this app can show the best time and location for taking photos outside. Not only is it a convenient travel tool, it can also be a portable alarm clock if you want to wake up for an early morning jog when the sun rises.


Rise Alarm Clock

Reason for Nomination: On / Off with a shake

This application has many advantages and is appreciated by many aspects such as Mashable, Fast Company Design, Lifehacker, TUAW, Business Insider, The Loop, application suggestions and many more. However, just shaking iPhone from the lock screen can pause or close it. It also has 3 beautiful large clock styles: Night Mode / Skyscape / Transparent (Live Camera) and other personalized features. With 4.5 stars and 2353 reviews, it is well worth buying.


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