Update: Scratch that! Oppo Watch has been announced after all

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At its Find X2 European launch – where it showed off the new Find X2 and Find X2 Pro – Oppo teased the Oppo Watch, saying it would get its own launch in the future at some point.The company said “it deserves its own presentation”, and opted not to give any details to European/UK press. And – having done so – then decided to unveil it and announce the details in a press release. Colour us confused!As for the watch itself, it looks pretty similar in shape and style to the Apple Watch, which was something we already knew in advance, thanks to the company’s teasers.The 46mm variant uses a 1.91-inch AMOLED flexible display panel beneath a sheet of curved glass on the front. It has a screen-to-body ratio of nearly 73 per cent, and a resolution of 402 x 476. For reference, the 44mm Apple Watch has a 1.76-inch display with 448 x 368 pixels.Like the Apple Watch, however, there’s a pixel density of 326ppi, making it nice and crisp to go along with those vibrant AMOLED colours.OppoIt features polished aluminium frame and 3D curved crystal glass, and even features a ceramic base on the underside of the watch where the heart rate sensors live.The band is easily removed using a single button, and bands are available in either Italian calfskin or fluoro rubber in different colours.There’s a keen focus on health and fitness; with various exercise sensors to measure pace, steps, heart-rate, location and such, plus is water resistant up to 50 metres.If you wear it at night, you can have it track your sleep, and women can track their menstrual cycles on it. All-in-all, it sounds like an accomplished tracker for all manner of health statistics.What’s perhaps intriguing is that Oppo as utilised an internal design that uses two processors. There’s a Snapdragon processor for the heavy lifting and an Apollo chip for taking care of less intensive tasks, which ensures the battery lasts.Speaking of the battery, Oppo claims you can get 40 hours of use in its regular smartwatch mode, and with the ‘Watch VOOC’ charging, you can refill from 0-100 in 75 minutes. (15 minutes docked on the charger can nearly half-fill the watch for a full day’s use).OppoDespite having officially announced that its smartwatch would be unveiled at the Find X2 launch, Oppo had seemed initially to have changed its mind, and decided to launch it at a later date. Or – at least – that’s what they said at the event.Oppo had been teasing its smartwatch for a good few weeks now, and up until the press release launched, it seemed as though they’d continue for a while longer.Then, the watch was announced anyway.The most likely – and probable – explanation for all this back-and-forth is that the company has different messages and launch schedules for China and Europe, and had planned to host its local launch prior to a wider rollout.It’s often the case, but we feel that message could have been communicated much better. Especially given the global nature of the Find X2 launch event.It’s time to say hello to #OPPOWatch. Unveiled at the #OPPOFindX2 Launch Event March 6, 10.30am CET. pic.twitter.com/IwbOJnHoyg— OPPO (@oppo) March 2, 2020Oppo Watch is going to be available globally, but initially the device will launch in China and will be available to buy there from 24 March.

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