Video one of alarm clock

Wheel alarm clock

CLOCKY really works: Clocky is a fun alarm clock on wheels. He jumped from a 3-foot night stand, then ran in different directions every day, hitting the subject, changing direction again, beating until awake, driving out of the bed, and closing it. Suitable for carpet or wood!

Customize your stinging moment: You can set your own energy time and control the duration of your stinging. The next time you polish, Clocky will roll into action. Don’t hesitate to let go? You can completely change the hover state, and when the alarm clock is off, Clocky will waste no time immersing in motion and force you to get up.
LOUD ALARM CLOCK is for bold customers: when we say yes, we mean loud. The clock’s interesting and unique alarm clock is very bright. The shocking R2D2 robot-like sound is hard to mistake and impossible to enter *. Our customers tell us that Clocky can even wake up in * heavy *.
Who uses stinging or knows who has it? Clocky is for anyone who needs to wake up in the morning! Clocky awakens people around the world, from children to college students to professionals. Clocky is ideal for anyone who wakes up in the morning or just needs a little (or a lot) help getting out of bed.

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