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It’s time to turn the heating on, because winter is coming. And in 2019, who wants to use your hands to turn the thermostat on when you could be using your voice? As the best Black Friday deals begin to pop up around the net, Amazon is offering the Drayton Wiser multi-zone smart thermostat kit bundled with Amazon’s smart speaker, the Echo Dot. 

The Drayton Wiser kit allows you to install two smart thermostats onto existing radiator’s back plates, so you can control your heating with your phone. If you’re on your way home, simply flick the heating on with the included Wiser app and walk into a toasty house. 

The multi-zone smart thermostats are bundled with Amazon’s third-generation Echo Dot. The thermostats are Alexa-compatible, so you can issue voice commands through the Dot to turn the heating on, off, down or up at your leisure, in addition to the Echo’s usual smart-assistant access to news, music and more. 

The whole set comes in at a wallet-friendly £196.99 on Amazon, saving you 20%, which comes out at nearly £40. Warming up to the idea? 

Check out the deal in more detail below:

Drayton Wiser Multi-Zone Smart Thermostat and Echo Dot | was £235.05 | now £196.99 at Amazon
This kit allows you to take full control of your heating and hot water system via your phone or voice control through the bundled-in Echo Dot on a room-by-room basis thanks to the included Smart Radiator Thermostats. Two are included, but more are available.View Deal

At 20% off, £38.05 is a chunky saving and will go a long way towards converting your analogue into a 21st-century smart-controlled palace worthy of Tony Stark. But Black Friday is just beginning: be sure to check back here at T3 for the best Amazon Black Friday deals all the way up to the big day.

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