Why not try these Black Technology alarm clocks!

Allah Magic Light Speaker Alarm Clock

I believe that everyone has their own “alarm clock evolution history”, from traditional alarm clocks to smart phones. The alarm clock may have been out of your life for a long time, and now it may be time to bring it back to your bedside. But now, alarm clocks are not just about telling the time and fixed reminders. Listening to music and wake-up functions … The perfect alarm clock has the motivation to start. Let’s find out with Xiaobian today!

Black Technology alarm clock

Sense smart alarm for monitoring sleep

Maybe you have seen too many things that detect sleep quality on the market today. This intelligent hardware called Hello Sense is very different from other sleep systems. Sense is a smart sleep monitoring system that monitors the user’s sleeping environment and sleep state, and provides a smart alarm function.

The Sense system includes a Sense mobile app, a spherical Sense environmental monitoring device, and a device called Sleep Pill, which clamps sleeping pills to a pillow during use, without the need to wear equipment or press any buttons. Then this small device can monitor the user’s sleep state through sensors, and then synchronize it to Sense.

Sense includes modules such as light sensors, microphones, temperature sensors, depth sensors, speakers, particle sensors, proximity sensors, WiFi and Bluetooth. The Sense ball can detect environmental information (light, temperature, humidity, noise, particles in the air, etc.), and then synchronize all data to the Sense mobile app and provide a sleep score (out of 100) based on all sensor data.

Allah Magic Lamp Alarm Clock

Creative multifunctional Allah magic lamp speaker alarm clock

To say that he is an alarm clock is actually a simple and not simple artifact. The soft shape, graceful figure, and powerful innerness all attract you. On every quiet night, it will be your most loyal partner, emitting light and groaning with sorrow. Taiwan imported three-primary color LED light source, with a service life of up to 100,000 hours, 7 fixed colors, 256 color variations, and can be locked at will. Powerful interaction of light and music, the light can flash and change with the rhythm of the music, allowing you to enjoy the lighting effect of the DISK hall at home.

It is also a charming and enchanting Bluetooth speaker, with a strong heart, and sings in the night sky with you when connected to a mobile phone. With a unique alarm mode, the bell rings, you need to tap it repeatedly, tap the top of the magic lamp, and how many times you need to tap to stop it. These are all attributed to its elastomer connector, which can make the lampshade 360 ​​degrees free to shake, and can withstand 10KG flapping pressure.


Sandman Dopple Smart Alarm Clock

First of all, unlike traditional smart alarm clocks, Sandman Doppler specially added a voice assistant to make it more like a personal assistant. Whether it’s setting alarms, trip reminders, or wanting to listen to weather forecasts, traffic conditions, or real-time news, just say it to Sandman Doppler, Sandman Doppler can also help you control your smart home at home. Free your hands completely.

This smart alarm clock is also equipped with a Bluetooth module, which can be directly connected to a smartphone. In addition to telling you everything you want to know, Sandman Doppler is also equipped with a 1.8-inch display, and it has no pressure to check the calendar, weather / traffic conditions and even the current stock price. This smart alarm clock also has a built-in light sensor. When the ambient light brightness changes, the screen will automatically adjust the brightness.


Circa smart alarm clock

This is a smart alarm clock designed by Circa. It is equipped with an external sensor. You only need to place it in the middle of the bed. It will automatically record everyone’s sleep quality, sleeping posture, Breath rhythm, etc. to analyze when your rest quality can reach the best state.

When you sleep every night, Circa’s own breathing light effect will make it easier for you to adapt to the indoor light, and also achieve a hypnotic effect. You can also choose the white noise function to create the most suitable sleeping sound environment. The 5.5-inch AMOLED screen panel also reduces the side leakage of the backlight, and everything is only willing to provide you with the most comfortable sleeping environment. After the wake-up function is activated, the annoying ringtones have also been replaced with your favorite songs, radio, natural sound, etc.

Circa’s built-in Triggi function connects with related apps, so that we can also use it to control technology products such as smart lamps and thermostats, so that we can have a more natural indoor environment when we get up. Every day before your wake-up time frame. It will perform intelligent analysis based on the data returned by the sensor, and then wake up in the most reasonable way and time within 30 minutes in advance when your consciousness is gradually awake.

Glance Smart alarm clock

Glance Smart Wall Clock

Having said so many smart alarm clocks, I also want to introduce you to a smart clock. The Glance wall clock is not only a beautiful wall clock, but also allows you to obtain all the information in a visual way. It can connect with users’ smartphones or tablets and obtain data through special application software. Glance wall clocks provide a new way to make your home easier and easier to understand anytime, anywhere.

When you wake up, Glance will show you how long you slept based on data from your activity tracking device. Through the connection between the app and your alarm clock, you can display your daily calendar, schedule, and exercise data on your alarm clock at a glance. By integrating your calendar and reminders, Glance wall clocks visualize daily planning. Guaranteed not to miss any important meeting or call.

It can also display e-mail and the arrival time of Didi cars. By connecting with your fitness tracker, health app, Glance wall clock can show your daily activities and vital signs, including your sleep cycle, exercise data, pulse, blood pressure, weight, calories and more.

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