Would it be cool to find an old flip clock to steampunk?

old flip clock

Would it be cool to find an old flip clock to steampunk? 

Good News and Bad News:

Good News: My chance came a few days ago and I bought a 70s Lloyds Solid State clock in an antiques flea market for a whopping $5.00 …could not pass it up.

Here comes the bad news – we brought it home and ended up falling in love with the clock radio so steampunking the item was out of the question and restoration became the priority.

The clock radio had a few issues:

     1. Missing two knobs (possibly a future instructable): 
         a. Small timer knob on top of the case. I can live without it because
             I can move the nub with my fingers and I won’t need that option for
             where it is going.
         b. Knob for setting the time on the side of the case.  I can live without
              this one too for awhile because I can set the time without it.  
     2. Small scratches in the 100% pure fake plastic wood grain case
     3. But most importantly a broken Flip Clock (that is what I will be working on)

The radio and alarm works.

For the mechanics, this Instructable will read like a diary.  I feel that I can write a how-to on just the steps that I took to solve the clock issue and ignore the discovery phase or I can tell the painful truths with all of my embarrassing hits and misses as I work my way to a final solution or call me long winded.

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