Wyze Band with Alexa will track your fitness and control your smart home

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Wyze, which makes budget smart home devices, is readying new products to launch this year, including a fitness tracker with built-in Alexa functionality. Called Wyze Band, it’ll also serve as a control device for your smart home, according to a blog post from the company.”We haven’t talked much publically about this product yet,” said Wyze. “Wyze Band is a wrist-wearable smart home assistant and activity tracker. Wyze Band will allow you to control Wyze devices with a tap and using Alexa Built-in, any number of Alexa-enabled devices. It also tracks steps, heart rate, and sleep. Wyze Band just completed a round of hardware testing”.The company said it expects to complete the beta-testing phase on Wyze Band and move on to an “early access” launch sometime soon.ZatzNotFunny published more details about the device after spotting an FCC filing and combing through a publicly available beta app. From what we can tell so far, Wyze Band features a jogging app, alarms, weather, step counter, sleep tracker, heart rate sensor, side-mounted mic array, and a touchscreen.Alexa is activated with a long press on the tracker’s touchscreen. Users can also control Wyze smart home devices from the screen, such as turning off lights or starting a recording from a Wyze camera.There are no details yet on how much Wyze Band will cost when it launches. We’re also not sure if it’ll come to the UK or Europe.WyzeAs for the other new 2020 products, Wyze said we can expect Wyze Cam Outdoor, Wyze Person Detection, Wyze Scale, Wyze Doorbell Cam, and the Wyze Lock. These devices are currently in development, with some already in testing.

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